Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Star Letter Punch Card Unit

We have a lot of teachers THANKING us for our "Star Word Cards" that we use in our classrooms.  Here are some of the quotes, "My kids love them and the parents do too....Oh my, incredible...It is real easy to keep the kids motivated to learn their "Star Words" by using the cards...So thorough and well-planned...My kinders are learning new words and enjoying the process. Even my strugglers have picked up on some words and are motivated to learn more. Thanks!"

We thought it would be great to have "Star Letter Cards", too!  I personally cannot wait to use this unit with my 4K kiddos!!!    

This is one of the homework teaching tools that we could NOT live without! And....now you can have it in your classroom, too! 

As an incentive to learn letters, each student is given a "punch star card" to track which letters they have mastered. These cards are sure to be a big hit with your students. The greatest thing is this homework tool is self-paced! 

This unit contains a zipped file, which contains:
• Star Word punch cards for Upper~case, Lower~case, and Beginning Sounds
• Flashcards to send home for practice
• An assessment sheet for record-keeping
With each "star card" the student will get a set of flashcards to add to their ring of letters to practice and when mastered he/she will get a star burst for their hard work! 
We have used these cards in our Kindergarten classrooms for the past three years with fantastic results for mastery of the Pre-primer, Primer, and (even some) First-Grade Sight Words. 

Our children are so excited about the Star Word punch cards that they keep working on them until the last week of school… no kidding!

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P.S. Here is a picture of my son, Cayden's (4K), grocery list.  I was such a proud mommy when he wrote this all by himself...that I bought him everything on the list!  
milk, salami, pop, waffles, yogurt, ravioli 

Enjoy the rest of your break and Happy 2014!
Amber & LuAnn

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Special Ornament & Giveaway Winner!

Thank you for entering our giveaway!  First...I have to share the most precious gift my son has received from a VERY SPECIAL PERSON in his life...LuAnn.  On the outside of the ornament it says, "These are a few of my favorite things..." On the inside...LuAnn had slips of paper with Cayden's favorite things from the year and pretend snow.  I had to share this with all our blogging friends...I just LOVE it!

Here is our January Word Work and Writing Station winner....

Kimberly Ann....We will e-mail you your goodies soon!  
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Have a Happy Holiday!
Amber & LuAnn

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily 5, Freebie, Amazing Giveaway!

Bloggers....it's cold outside....here is a little something to warm you up! 

This Daily 5 Freebie was created to help assist students and teachers implementing the Daily 5 routine into their classrooms. 

Using these folders in your classroom is easy!

  • The students will carry their Daily 5 folders with them from round to round. 
  • After the round is finished, the students will quickly clean up and place their work in the appropriate spot in their folder (unfinished or finished work). 
  • The student will add a sticker to the round he/she was just working at on their “Daily 5 Check Chart” sheet and move onto their next round. 
  • At times the teacher can leave positive comments on the students’ check sheet to reward their learning. 

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How Do I set up Daily 5 in my Classroom!?!
Read to Self

Here is our Reading Corner!!!
The students "Book Buckets" filled with sight word and leveled readers at his/her level!

"Poetry Binders" with all the poems we learn through out the year

After we read our Let's Find Out magazine I will keep two in our reading corner for enjoyment! 

Work on Writing

 I have been using Deedee's "Writing Work Stations" and just love them! What I like the most about them is that they are the same activities each month, but with different themed vocabulary cards.  Now my students will know what to do, they will know my expectations, and they will be able to complete this center independently all year long! 

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Read with Partners

The first bin holds reading tools, bins 2 - 5 hold leveled books (2 of each), and the last bin holds any little paper readers we have read in the classroom and have sent home. 

Work on Words

I made a set of the themed vocabulary cards for each of the bins in my Work on Words center.  I added a different colored sticker to the back of each set....so they don't get mixed up!

We use Live, Love, Laugh in Kindergarten's Word Work Unit.  See examples below...

I have been using Tammy's "Word Work Stations" and just love them, too! What I like the most about them is that they are the same activities each month, but with different themed vocabulary cards.  Now my students will know what to do, they will know my expectations, and they will be able to complete this center independently all year long!  I know...I repeated myself...but it is true and it works!!!

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Now for the GivEaWaY.....

Deedee and Tammy both have agreed to giveaway their January Unit to some lucky bloggers.   Now you should feel warm inside and out!  This is a fabulous GivEaWaY!!!

We will give it away to someone on SUNDAY night.  Please leave a comment below with your e-mail for a chance to win!  

Enjoy Your Holiday Break, 
Amber & LuAnn

Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Didn't I Think Of That...And A Freebie!

I LOVE using spinners in my classroom for centers and academic activities.  I have always used a brass fastener and a paper clip.  Yep...the kids always love it when the paper clip goes flying in the air.  How do you stop this fun!?!  Use a brass fastener and a safety pin!  Thank you Mrs. Ramseier for sharing this idea with me!!!

I first found this game a couple of years ago on Kindergarten Crayons Blogspot.
I have been playing it ever since with every theme and concept learned in Kindergarten!   

 Check it out by {Clicking Here!}  

In order for our 4K & 5K students to become literate, our children must be able to recognize each letter, both in order and out of order, as well as the sounds connected with that letter.

 This “Letter Game” freebie takes no time to put together and with this freebie you can use it at any time of the year.  We have added a Upper~case set, Lower~case set, and a set of both on a card for your convenience!

How to play...The teacher or student hides the “Super~Duper Kids Square” behind a letter and the game is over when the winner can read the letter/letter sound, removes the card and finds this card!

It will be a new classroom favorite of yours!!!

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Have a good weekend, 
Amber & LuAnn

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Believe!

We had a HOLLY JOLLY time making our Elves and Santa Clauses for our Hallway Bulletin Board.  4K made the elves and 5K make the Santa Clauses.  I worked really hard to come up with a title for the bulletin board...do you like it?  

I had to give a close up of this adorable elf.
My student told me many times that he wanted his elf to look like Cookie Monster.
I think he did a pretty good job...Don't you!?!  

Tis' the season...Enjoy it!  
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