Thursday, December 29, 2011

SNOW JOKE....I have to remove MOST of my freebies!

Ya...I got SNOW JOKE saying from Ms.&M's Blog post.  Too cute!

I have such a heavy heart doing this.  I LOVE to share with all the amazing teachers in the blog world. 

I learned that DJ Inkers has changed their terms of use. You are no longer allowed to share documents that contain DJI clip art or font on your blog or site. My understanding was that it was alright as long as it was in PDF format and you were not profiting from it. That is no longer the case. You can post a picture of what you create, but not allowed to share the final product.  I kind of "get it"...but still feel there could be another way!
I am so bummed!  So...I wanted to be nice and let you know that you have until tomorrow to "grab" my freebies that contain D.J. Inkers on here and on my Shutterfly teaching website.  I cannot get to my computer until then...lucky you!  Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I know that KMP DOODLES has amazing doodle clip art that I can use! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to me!!!

Okay...I was not expecting to see 127 comments today.  I usually only get like 4 on a post.  THANK YOU so much for all your kind words!  It is 11:15 on a Friday night and I am ready to go home to wrap gifts for my family.  I wanted to get the winter~snowman masters to you before the holiday break is up, so I am posting them on my teacher website.  I simple cannot e-mail them to each and everyone of you at this time.  SORRY!  I hope it is worth your time going to my other site.  I did make it a little easier for you and posted them right smack on the front page.   I  am going to the U.P. (Upper Michigan) in the morning and do not have any plans when I am going to return to Wiscosin.  Plus...who nows when I will have any kind of internet/phone service.  HE HE HE
Enjoy your new year!  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Wonderland of Centers

I am so excited to share my winter (snowman/snowballs/mittens) centers with my students when we arrive back from break.  I just HOPE that we have snow when we come back to school.  Christmas is not going to be the same without a blanket of white snow!

All Bundled Up
The students will complete the “All Bundled Up” booklet.  First, the students will put the correct scarf in each sentence.  The students will write the words “The & is” on each page.  Then the students will read the color word on the pocket chart and color the scarf on the snowman the correct color.

Snow Adorable Colors
The students will spin the spinner and color that many snowflakes the correct color.  Then students will play until all the snowflakes are colored.  Finally, the students will count how many of each color and write the number.  

"Snow" Much Addition Fun
The students will pick a colored mitten and color a mitten on the recording sheet that color.  The students will count the snowflakes on each mitten and write the correct number in the addition equation.  Then the students will add the numbers together.     

Frosty And Friendly Numbers
The students will pick a group of colored snowman and put them in order with the question mark in the middle.  Then the students will guess what the middle number is and write it on his/her sheet.

Sledding for Ending Sounds
The students will match the picture with the ending sound (letter) on the sled.  When the students are finished filling all the sleds he/she may write the ending sound (letter) on the recording sheet.

Snowman Word Families
The students will read the CVC word on the snowman.  Then he/she will write the word under the correct word family.   

How To Build A Snowman!
The students will complete the book, “How To Build A Snowman”, by writing the steps on each page.  (Idea adapted from Mrs. Jumps Snomwan Packet on TPT) ~ check it out! At the end of the booklet the students will label the parts of a snowman. 

First, you make two snowballs.

Then, you add eyes and a mouth.

Next, you add a carrot nose and stick arms.

Last, you add a hat and scarf.

Melt A Snowman
Build a snowman with the pieces.  Think of a word and write the number of dashes that equal the number of letters in the word on a piece of paper.  (for example, if the word is FROG you would write __ __ __ __ ).  Your opponent then tries to guess the word by guessing letters.  If your opponent guesses a letter correctly, fill in the corresponding dash with the letter.  If your opponent guesses wrong, take away one body part from your snowman, ending with the hat.  If the opponent guesses the word before the snowman is melted, they win!

PS. ~ Thank you for checking out our blog!
PSS. ~  If you would like a copy of all my masters go to my teacher website.  The Shutterfly link is at the top of my page. 
PSSS. ~ Enjoy your time off and have a safe and warm holiday!  


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chit~Chat Chart...OH YES!

You may have heard or seen this chart as a...blurt chart.  My student teacher and I decided to call it a Chit~Chat Chart.  There is a whole "lotta" chatting going on during large group, small group, and table learning time.  Oh ya...Academic Free Choice is getting a little loud, too!  We decided to use this Chit~Chat Chart to visually remind our students when it is appropriate to talk and not talk.  Because...learning should be fun and it is not going to be fun if the teacher sounds like....WOH~WOH~WOH...WOH~WOH! 

The funny thing is my student teacher's head week and last night she went home and made a chart for the classroom without telling me she was going to (good for her!) and I came to school early this morning to make one for her to surprise her.  Now we have two charts to share visually with you! get to vote which one is better.  No...Joking but I would like to share both.

Cooperating Teacher's Chit~Chat Chart
I used post-it notes for the strips to pull off and on.

Student Teacher's Chit~Chat Chart 
Made professionally at a print shop...just thought you should know.  HE HE HE
She used Velcro to put the cards on and off.

If a student is talking while the teacher or another student is talking I will remove one of the red cards from his/her name on the chart.  Sometimes I will say why I am removing the card and sometimes I will just remove the card and keep teaching.  If a student looses all 3 cards before recess he/she will have to stay in from recess and we will talk about what they need to do to fix it.  Right now...we are lucky enough to have 3 different times that the students will loose recess, Academic Free Choice, or computers during the day.  All the cards go back on the board at 9:45 and 12:30.  I really hope this helps!  What do you use to help control classroom chatter?  Thanks in advance for any advice!!!             

Sunday, December 11, 2011

HO, HO, HO or a Lump of Coal!

This game is played just like “Crash” or “Pop” or any other game of that type.  The kids will draw one card at a time from Santa’s hat.  If they draw a sight word, they must correctly identify the sight word to keep it.  If they don’t, they must return it to the Santa hat.  If they draw a “HO, HO, HO” card, they get to keep the card and pick again.  If they draw a “Lump of Coal,” they must place all of their cards back into Santa’s hat.  The game continues until all cards are gone or time is up.

Click here for HO ~ HO ~ HO & A Lump Of Coal!
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