Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kinderchaun Unit

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Don't forget to check out our "A Lucky Find" Activity.
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This has been one of our favorite St. Patrick's Day activities to do with our kiddos!!! 

Irish Blessings, 
Amber & LuAnn

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Writing Picture Prompts Freebie

My students need help writing letters neatly on the line....upper and lowercase! I decided to go to TpT and search for a "Letter Formation Unit" from one of the AMAZING~CREATIVE~BRILLANT teacher creators all over TpT and look what I found....for FREE!!!
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I also felt a little creative myself and made this little "Writing Picture Prompt" Unit to use with my kiddos.  This freebie is a great way to improve your students writing & spark some interesting stories through fun picture ideas!



Happy Writing!
Amber & LuAnn

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sticky Letters & Facebook Fan Freebie

Every word must have a vowel....."shhhhhh"....does not...but my kids have not figured that out yet! HE HE HE

First, I gave each student a magazine or newspaper.  I had the students race to find a word that does not have a vowel.  Remember…”y is sometimes a vowel”!

Next, the students made a word with die cut letters on the worksheet and then colored in if it was a real or nonsense word.   I think the hardest part was gluing the letters the correct way!

Finally, using the words their friends made, the students completed the second worksheet by writing the real and nonsense words in the correct box.   
You can get this FREEBIE by going to OUR FACEBOOK page and grabbing our FAN FREEBIE!


Check out THE TEACHER WIFE blog for her aMAzInG freebie to go with your vowel units.
Click {right here} to go to The Teacher's Wife TpT shop to download this freebie and follow her!
We're A-E-I-O-U,
We're the vowels!
We're the glue,
To stick the words together,
We're very sticky letters!

We're very sticky,
very icky, sticky-icky letters!

Thank you and Happy Teaching!
Amber & LuAnn

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Power Readers

"How do you inspire your students to become Power Readers?"   "You use our PowerPoints in combination with our little readers!"
Here are some pictures of our students having a little sight word fun in our classroom.
As a large group the students are recalling things read about in the book and recording them on the white board.

As an extended activity, the students colored each sight words a different color. 

For added fun, I had the students put their hands on their heads and when I would say a sight word he/she would quickly point to the word in the book.

The "Power Readers" products includes:

PowerPoint Reader to project on your white board

Samples of PowerPoint Reader

Recall & Retell Page

Variety of comprehension & Phonological Awareness Questions

Black line emergent reader to read individually and take home
Our PowerPoint readers include a variety of sight words, color words, & number words.  The students need many opportunities to practice reading high frequency words in context.

After the students have had time to view/read the book in whole group and small group instruction time, you can send the emergent reader home for further reinforcement.  Students are so proud of their new reading skills and will enjoy reading it to their families.

If you are interested in this product you can pick it up in our TpT STORE.  Our units will be in TeachersNotebook soon!

If you're interested in purchasing both packs, you can get the BUNDLE PACKs at a discounted rate in our TpT Store!

Want to see what our Power Readers are all about!?!  We are giving one away for FREE in our TPT shop until Sunday.  
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We love using this product during our whole and small group instruction time, and we hope you will too!

Amber & LuAnn

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