Monday, July 23, 2012

Tell Me More...Amber

I grew up in Upper Michigan. Yep...I am a YOOPER...and always will be! My parents owned a restaurant, Konteka, for 30 years. It had a dining room, bar, bowling alley, and motel. I could go on and on about this experience in my life but all I will say is...WHY WAS I NOT IN THE KITCHEN MORE LEARNING HOW TO COOK!

Families would drive hours to come and eat at our place to watch the bears.  Now I bring Cayden there!
Family....We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!  

Yes....I have 3 ring boys and 2 flower girls...I love kids!

I have to say I loved my dress and my hair!  The day was PERFECT!

As a family we enjoy going to hockey games.  Go Red Wings & Wild!
ENJOY...making Birthday Cakes for my family.  This year Cayden wants a monster truck cake.  Not sure how I am going to do it yet...but it's all good!

Love your hairstylist...Love yourself! 
My husband always says my hair changes with the seasons. HA!

Friend, ME~BLONDE, Friend, Friend

Kind of a light dirty ash blonde

Dark Brown and still long!

I am ready for a change...I am thinking about going "SHORT" for the new school year.  Maybe a choppy funky bob style!  It is hard to cut it...but it grows back...right!?!

Things I LOVE...

I wish I had the time to have a ladies "I Love the 80's" Movie night each month.  Make time...right!!!

Sugar Free Tropical Punch Kool-Aid... HEAVEN.  Could not find it in the stores in our area this summer.  My bestie bought me some on Amazon.  Isn't she great!?! 

I JUST LOVE ELLEN!  Everyone should make time to dance!

Losing weight...something I have struggled with for about 8 years now...yes I said 8 years.  Enough is enough.  This is my year! 

Bonnie's Angels....I heard a saying recently that has just stuck with me and I am not sure why...Gods way of helping you heal.  He helps your mind forget so your heart doesn't keep breaking.  Last summer 11 wonderful ladies came with me to Vegas to remember my mom, Bonnie.  We all wore shirts and hats that said, Bonnie's Angels.  It was a time I will always remember!  I also got to go to the SDE Kindergarten Conference while I was there. 

Speaking of SDE Kindergarten Conferences...
I really enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the pictures of this years SDE conference in Vegas. I wish I could have been there! If you are still reading this post....I have some exciting news to share with you. I will be presenting at the SDE Kindergarten Conference in Indy!

Yes...that is me..the one on the top right.  I still can't beleive it! 

 If you know me you know that I have a passion for presenting.   Why?   I love that I have the ability to share ideas, inspire others, opportunity to learn more, and most of all it is fun!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and thanks for reading! Amber

Thursday, July 19, 2012

nose picking idea & Gold mine freebie

Are you tired of telling your students to go and wash their hands because you caught them picking their nose?  Here is a first~class idea to help you with this problem! 

Go to your local dollar store and buy a Nasal Aspirator for each student, label each one, and line up on your desk for easy access. 






Now that I have got your attention and maybe a little giggle....

One of the items I "pinned" to make this summer is "MY STAR CHART".  Sorry...I am not sure where I pinned the resournce from.  I finally found the time to make it.  Here is the picture of my work and the printable master freebie. 

{Click Here}  for the "GOLD MIND" freebie!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.  I am busy helping Kelsea get ready for college and four-wheeling with Cayden. 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Monthly Writing Journals...Here!

I have decided to re-post my "Monthly Writing Journals" and YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM FROM THIS POST!  YEAH!!!

I also have changed them up a bit...which I think is for the better. 
1) I put a boy and a girl on the cover of each month, so you don't have download two different covers. YIPPEE!
2) I have two options for the letter formation.  One with just the upper and lower~case letter and one with arrows to show how to form the letters on the line. You can choose which one you like. 

I use these journals in my classroom because I believe this is a great way for parents to see their child's writing ability as they grow as writers throughout the year.  BTW...I used DJ Inkers clip art  {Click here to go to their website}!  

I use 3 different writing pages.  One is blank with no lines.  I will start with this page in September, so the students can draw a picture and label. Next, the students will write on a single line.  Finally, by the end of the year, he/she will write on 3 lined paper.
NOTE...If a student has more to write he/she will go to the next page and write, but they do not have to draw another picture. 

Cover ~ September
Cover ~ October
Cover ~ November
Cover ~ December
Cover ~ January
Cover ~ February
Cover ~ March
Cover ~ April
Cover ~ May
Cover ~ June

First Page Positive Message
Writers Did You & Letter Page
Writers Did You & Letter Page with Formation
Writing Page Template 1
Writing Page Template 2
Writing Page Template 3

I also use Lucy Calkins' Writer's Workshop in our classroom.  My students are given opportunities to write in a variety of genres to help foster a love of writing.   It also allows me to meet the needs of my students by differentiating their instruction and gearing instruction based on information gathered throughout the workshop.

SOMETIMES my kiddos have a hard time thinking of something to write.  I will change it up a bit and give them an option of what to write about.  
Monday ~ Write about the weekend ~ Who they played with ~ What they ate for dinner
Tuesday ~ Sentence Starter ~  If I was a raindrop I would..  ~ I like to eat..
Wednesday ~ Writing Prompt ~ Do you like birthday cake?  Why?  Describe your bedroom. 
Thursday ~ Shadow Writing
Friday ~ Free Write  

Happy Writing!

Friday, July 13, 2012

We HEART Daily 5

Thank you bloggers for sharing your insights/thoughts/suggestions/etc. about the Daily 5 book study.  We have learned so much reading your posts.  We are truly enjoying the summer reading and sounds like everyone else is too! 

We are sharing our Daily 5 or should I say...Daily 8... materials on our TEACHERS NOTEBOOK SHOP. 

Literacy Folder Cover

Use this poster to hang in the designated work area or clip where students go to work

Hang this poster in area to remind the students of the rules

This sheet goes in the student's literacy folder to help keep track of where he/she has been

Please stop by to check them ALL out {by clicking here}.  They are FREE!   Clip art is by Melon Headz...LUV~LUV~LUV!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! 
Amber & LuAnn

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sizzling Summer Tip # 10

Have a "SPECIAL" shelf to display photos of the children's family AND PETS. 

My dad had to put his dog...his sleep yesterday.  Niko was very special to our family and great comfort to my dad after my mom passed a couple of years ago.  I have seen a "special" shelf posted before on the internet and after all the emotions I have been feeling the last couple of days, it reminds me how important families AND PETS are to our little kiddos!   

Our Niko...Isn't he handsome!?! 

In the beginning of the school year, I am going to ask my students to send in a framed family photo.  They can also bring in a framed photo their pets, too!  I will display photos at a the student's eye level.  When the students see the photos, they will feel more connected to their families during the day. 

Of course...I can I make this academically motivating to my students.  The students can write about the pictures that are displayed, graph how many boys or girls, graph the different animals, add or subtract family members.  Also, if the pets' names are displayed on the frames the students can use letters to build the names. 

I cannot wait to share pictures of my kindergarten classroom and this "special" shelf with all of you when the school year starts! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

Summer Rocks,


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sizzling Summer Tip # 9

Got Water?

How many of you have a water....or a caffinated pop...during the school day sitting on your desk or in your hand when you are thirsty? 

This year I will encourage my students to bring in a bottled water to help stay hydrated.  Instead of leaving the classroom to get a drink of water during classroom time, I will have my students get a drink from his/her special water bottle.

The "coolest" thing about the water bottles is that I will have fun and educational labels on the bottle for the students to read and recite.  Some of the concepts I will have on the water bottles are letter recognition, number recognition, rhyming words, shapes, patterns, addition, subtraction, sight words, sight word phrases, etc.  

Click  {right here} for the water bottle word template!  I tried to put the document into word so you could adjust to fit the needs in your classroom.  I will also write the students name on the bottle with a sharpie!

Leave a comment if you think this is "COOL" or you have another refreshing idea to share!

Summer Rocks,
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