Monday, March 21, 2011

Silly Weather Worm

How to make a Silly Weather Worm:
  • Bunch together as many lengths of yarn as desired and tie about 1 inch from the top. 
  • Tie the lengths together again about 2 inches from that. 
  • Braid the yarn the rest of the length until you reach about 1 inch from the bottom, and tie the braid off with a smaller length.  
  • Glue (hot glue) the eyes onto 2 inch opening.  That will be the head of the worm. 
  • Tie on laminated poem:
Silly Weather Worm
Hang me outside.
If I'm wet, you know it's raining. 
If I'm white, you know it's snowing.
If I'm moving, you know it's windy.


Rainbow, Rainbow Big Story

This is my favorite book that we make together to hang in the classroom.  On each page, I will have the students work in groups of 2 or 3.  I try to use as many different art materials as we can.  The students can be so creative sometimes.  I would have never thought of using poms poms for the inside of a flower or tin foil for lightning!  When the pages are completed, I hang the story by fishing line in the middle of our room. 


Spring Bullentin Board

This is one of my favorite bulletin boards of the school year.  
I got the idea from Mrs. Ramseier (who teaches 2 doors down from me - lucky me!). 
She uses the title - The Colors of Spring.

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