Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Tricks or Treats" Halloween Party Game

I am so excited to try this "Tricks or Treats" game that I found on .  I had to change the game a bit for my kindergarten kiddos.  You can print my masters off by linking below.  Heads might have to adjust the fonts!  

Tricks or Treats Game

Got Napkins?

How simple and "FANG"tastic of an idea is this....

I stapled 4 sheets of paper on the inside of a Halloween napkin.  The napkin becomes the front and back cover. The students could write Halloween words or a Halloween story inside their napkin. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Falling for Rhyming Activities

We all know that recognition of rhyme is one of the first ways that a child demonstrates phonological awareness (an important part of literacy development).

Here is one of my favorite rhyming activities: 

 All the students get into a circle.  I throw the leaves (or snowballs) into the air.  The students each get to pick up one leaf and try to find their rhyming partner.  Then they lock arms together until everyone has found a partner that rhymes. 

You can do this activity with letters, numbers, shapes, sight words, etc.  THEY LOVE IT!

Please comment your favorite rhyming activity!


Monday, October 24, 2011

It's vite-vity-vitie-vidi-pumpkin center time!

Check out some of the centers we are doing.  It's pumpkin~licious!

Candy Corn Art
I got this idea from Mrs. Ramseier (2 doors down from me ~ lucky me!).  It makes a great bulletin board to hang out side of your classroom. Candy Corn, Candy Corn, Sweet to eat.  It's a great Halloween treat!  

Number Boo!

After the students played Number Boo they had to practice writing their numbers 1 - 10. 

Pumpkin Seed Count
The students had to find the colored pumpkin, count how many seeds are on it,
and the write the number in the box.  

Pumpkin Sight Words
The students had to chose a sandwich bag with the matching number,  order the letters to make one of our sight words, and then write the sight word on the line.

Pumpkin Play-doh
The students will make the non-cook version of pumpkin play-doh and then practice forming our sight words that we are learning in the classroom.  The students will also get to take their yummy smelling play-doh home with them!

Jack-O Happy...Susie Haas from Scribbles-N-Dots

Pumpkin Seed Estimating
The students had to guess how many pumpkin seeds in the jar by picking which of the numbers above they thought was correct. 

Pumpkin Sequence
Another FABULOUS idea from Mrs. Ramseier!!! Read the story, Pumpkins, Pumpkins by Jeanne Titherington.  The students will paint the outside of two paper plates.  I will staple around the outside leaving the top open.  The students glued on a seed to the end of the yarn.  I tied a double knotted bow next for the sprout.  The students tied a square yellow tissue paper as the flower.  Then I taped the yarn to the inside of the pumpkin.  Now it is ready to take home to tell their parents the sequence of a pumpkin growing!    

The students can put their sequence string and this little "Pumpkins Grow" book from Mailbox inside their pumpkin. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Havin' a "MONSTER" of a good time in centers this week!

The students get to make a ghost in the art center.  They have to tear around the edges of a 11*7 sheet of construction paper and cut out 2 circles and 1 oval. 
I love to see how each ghost is so different!   
Shape Toss
The students will roll a dice, say the shape, and dot it with the bingo dabber until each monster is colored in. 

Monster Measurement
The students had to measure each monster with cubes.  When they were finished, he/she had to tell me which monster was the tallest and which monster was the shortest.
I got this idea from Mrs. Lee's Monster Madness packet on TPT.  Check it out! 

Monster Counting
The students had to find a monster and count how many dots on the monster.  Then he/she had to write the number in the box.   

Listening Center
The students listen to the story, Even Monsters Need Haircuts and told me orally their favorite part (event) that happened in the story.  Then the students had to find "monster words" on a worksheet.  This you will find also in Mrs. Lee's Monster Madness Packet.   

Haunted House
The students had to complete the Monster Stomps Worksheet (working on syllables in words - Mrs. Lee AGAIN).  Then the students got to dress up in costumes while they read Halloween stories, wrote about Halloween, and guessed how many eyeballs in the jar. 

Ten Little Monster
The students had to trace the words "I" "see" and the "color word" on each page.  Then the students had to draw 1, 2, 3, up to 10 colored monsters on each page. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wrapped Up in Kindergarten

I think this is one of my NEW favorite bulletin boards for the hallway.  So cute and a glue stick mess! 

I gave the students white rectangles (measurements below).  The students had to cut the rectangle into a oval shape and "warp it" with torn white construction paper.  I used about 40 11*17 white sheets to tear up into strips. Yes...the night before I tore the strips! 
Head - 8*8
Body - 11*7
Legs - 8*3
Arm - 6*3
Mouth - 5*2.5
Eye - 2.5*2.5



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shape Monster Bulletin Board

Isn't this the CUTEST October bulletin board EVER?!?  
Miss Neuenschwander's little kiddos are so lucky to have 
such a creative kindergarten teacher!!!


Thursday, October 6, 2011


I cannot stress the importance of effective communication between the teacher and the parents.  When working with parents, the best thing to do is be honest and be sensitive! Remember…that you are talking about their most valuable thing in their lives.

I also feel that when consistent communication is kept with parents, you will be better equipped to have effective classroom management.  Regardless of your behavior management system or reward system, when you contact parents regularly, they will be more apt to listen and respond to a behavior problem.  This communication can be made through a student communication log, student calendar, or separate notes, etc.

Here are examples of the parent communication I use in my classroom each week.

I copy the monthly Snack and Happenings pages together.  I have noticed that the fonts I use have adjusted some of the words.  Sorry!
The students will benefit most if the parents and teachers work together as partners in the student’s education! 


Monday, October 3, 2011

Got Detail? (in your writing)

When my students start needing a little help with more detail in their writing/drawing, I remind them to think about their 5 senses.  Here is a picture of the poster we made together that hangs in our writing center. 

Pete the Cat....AGAIN!

Here is my Pete the Cat Book.  The students worked in pairs to make Pete the Cat.  I loved Mrs. Jump's idea she posted about using shapes to review while making Pete the Cat.   For about a month, I will hang the book up in the classroom for the students to read while they are at the Read & Write the Room center.  Then I will take the book down and make it into a classroom-made book to read.  READ~READ~READ!

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