Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thank You Selfies!

These cute little THANK YOU SELFIE NOTES
can be printed and cut out to use whenever
you like for the school year. 
First step...take a selfie with your students.
Look at those bags under my eyes!  That is what 2 nights of Parent Teacher Conferences & Family Stem Night will do to you.  HA!

This bucket sits right on my desk for easy access!
When parents & students show appreciation for your love & hard work...send a little "SELFIE THANK YOU"! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Student Book Buckets & Easy Tip!

Every classroom should have
Each BOOK BUCKET is filled with materials
that help students have a I CAN READ attitude.

LOOK at what is inside!

Reading tools to point to words, whisper read to self, & stretch out words.

Colors books to keep practicing reading color words.

CLICK HERE to get a copy for your classroom.

Fluency cards to keep practicing letters, shapes, color words, digraphs, numbers, shapes, & more.

CLICK RIGHT HERE to get a set for your classroom.

"Just Right Books" for each student.

Sight Word List

Each of my students have a sight word list card that correlates with his/her homework star punch card they are practicing at home. 

All I do is add their initials at the top of their sight word list with a black sharpie.  Just in case it falls on the floor. Wink! Wink!

When they are ready to move onto the next card...I color over their initials with a black expo marker and wipe away with a tissue.  SO EASY!

Then...I add their initials to the next sight word list. 
This is a great way to keep it at their level and self-paced.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Introducing Sight Words

There are many ways to make learning new sight words engaging and effective. 
Here is how we do it in our classroom.
The M & M Game!
It is played just like the game "Hangman".

Except...we build this cute little M & M Guy!
Mrs. Osterman won this game (big smiley face)!
The new sight word was "like".

We use these "counting voices" to repeat how to spell the new sight word. 
It makes it more fun...even when they are sight words!  

CLICK HERE if you would like a set for your classroom too.
Your kiddos will LOVE them!  

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