Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here I come...

17 More Days and I will be at the I Teach K conference in Las Vegas.  There are 14 of my family and friends going to Vegas that week.  My bestie friend and I will be attending the conference on Tuesday and Thursday.  It was so hard to choose 2 days.  I wish I could go all 4 days!  I am so excited to learn so many new ideas to bring back to my classroom.  Are you going?


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monthly Writing Journals

I have decided to make monthly writing journals for my kindergarten kiddos to use next school year.  This way...they can go home each month, so their parents can see their child's writing ability as they grow.  Of course, I used D.J Inkers clip art (I am obsessed) to make the journals.  This will make you happy because I cannot sell them I just get to give them away for free.  You will have to go to my teacher website to get the PDF master copies under the writing tab.  SORRY!  Here is an example of my September Writing Journal. 

Each month the journal cover contains different clip art and fonts.  I also made a girl and boy cover page for each month.  For the page that the students write on, I will start with a blank page so the students draw a picture and label.  Then, the students will write on a single line, and by the end of the year he/she will write on 3 lines.  
What do you think?  Is their anything I should change or add?  Thank you for your time!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

No David Idea

I found a guided drawing lesson on Heidi Songs Blog to go with the book, No David.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed doing this activity with the students.  We did the guided drawing before I even told the students what book I was going to read.  When we were finished with the drawing, I asked the students if they could tell by there drawing which story book character we were going to read about.  Yep - they guess it!  See some of the picture drawings to see why...

At the beginning of the school year, I would like to read the book, David Goes To School.  
When we are finished with the story, I will have each student make their own page to complete a classroom-made book about school/classroom rules.  Kind of like a book OF WHAT NOT TO DO & WHAT TO DO!  For example...Paige, Raise your hand!  No chewing gum in class, Myles.  etc.  What do you think???


Organization Funny!

Behind my desk I have a little shelf organizer that I hold some of my important papers in.  My friend got a kick out of one of my labels and I thought I would share.  The first one reads...THINGS TO DO.  The second one reads...THINGS I WANT TO DO.  Believe it or not, I do get to do some of the items in the "THINGS I WANT TO DO" shelf during the school year. 


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guess What!?!

If you were at one of my sessions when I presented at the Early Childhood Conference you will never believe what I have to share with you!  My (5th grade) teacher helper will be teaching KINDERGARTEN next year.  I am sure she is cursing me in her sleep because I was teasing her during the session that it is her dream to be just like me.  It is a big change, but I know she will be as an amazing kindergarten teacher as she is a 5th grade teacher. 

I told her that I would like to do a Hollywood theme next year in my classroom and she came up with my bulletin board outside me classroom.  It will say..WELCOME TO KINDERWOOD.  I will have the word "KINDERWOOD" on a hill like the sign in Hollywood.  I can't wait to use her creative mind all year long!

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