Friday, January 24, 2014

Friendship Giveaway!

A BOOK is a friend you can open again and is FACEBOOK!  Debbie Clement asked if her facebook followers would share her last post.  Since, we did not have a blog facebook page to do this kind act for such a beautiful person, we decided what better time than now to create the Kindergarten Rocks facebook page and have a "FRIENDSHIP" giveaway, too!

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You know what that is...a screen shot of our new FACEBOOK page.  Check it out by entering the give away above &/or {Click Here} to follow us!!!

Thank you, 
Amber & LuAnn

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Friendship & Freebie!

February is coming quickly, and we focus on FRIENDSHIP & KINDNESS!  We are going to try something new this year.  The students will make a loop bracelet and give it to another student (someone that they usually don't hang out with).The lucky student they choose could be someone they have something in common with, makes them smile, helps them out, or is trying their best, etc.    

Step 1 ~ Let the Braclet Loops sit in Fruity Pebbles overnight (they smell so good after!)

Step 2 ~ The students will count out 30 loops.  

Step 3 ~ Have the students make an AB or any pattern with the bracelets.  Great practice with fine motor...and the kids love it, too!

Step 4 ~ Give the bracelet to a NEW friend in the school!
The card says...Reach out and make a new friend....because friends band together to make this school better!


Our Friendship Unit is our FAVORITE unit to teach with the kids.  It is so important at this age!!!
You can CHECK THIS POST  out from our Friendship Theme last year for more great ideas!  Here is a picture of the kiddos favorite center...what kid doesn't want their own cell phone!?!

CLICK HEREto go to our TpT shop to purchase our Friendship Unit.
CLICK RIGHT HERE to go to our TN shop to purchase our Friendship Unit.


We love our Hugs & Kiss Unit
Check out THIS POST  to see pictures of each is worth the sweet fun! 

Click {RIGHT HERE NOW} to purchase this unit from our TpT store.   We use these activities during our Valentine's Day Party for some party~hearty fun!

We just love our Valentine Unit and think it adds some great activities to any bloggers Valentine Theme. 
Click {HERE} to purchase this unit from TpT to use in your lovely classroom! 
Click (RIGHT HERE) to purchase this unit from TN to use in your lovely classroom!

Amber & LuAnn

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Words Their Way

Do you use "Words Their Way" in your Kindergarten classroom?  Over our extended cold break, we did a lot of reading and searching the web to help the ease of implementing this curriculum into our daily schedule. 

At the end of each word sort we plan on giving the students a "Spelling Test"!  We feel it is just as important to be able to WRITE the word as it is to READ it!  Seems crazy what these kiddos can really do...and LOVE to do!!! 

Click RIGHT HERE  for a FREE copy of the spelling test sheet. 

We would love any suggestions or ideas that has worked well for you using "Words Their Way" in the classroom.  Please leave a comment or email us at 

Amber & LuAnn 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

For the LOVE of Jon!

Since I am going to be stuck in the house for the next 2 days with -50 degree weather, I was thinking about what I could post/share next with our bloggers maybe....a freebie…a new idea….a giveaway…but I keep thinking about the post I read this morning and wanted to share on our blog, too! 

{PLEASE CLICK HERE} now to go to Kristin’s blog and read about one of her special students. 
Being a teacher, I do not have much extra cash to spend on things (other than TPT or TN hahaha), but this year each month I plan on doing something special for someone else….I know what I am doing this month! 
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