Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily 5, Freebie, Amazing Giveaway!'s cold is a little something to warm you up! 

This Daily 5 Freebie was created to help assist students and teachers implementing the Daily 5 routine into their classrooms. 

Using these folders in your classroom is easy!

  • The students will carry their Daily 5 folders with them from round to round. 
  • After the round is finished, the students will quickly clean up and place their work in the appropriate spot in their folder (unfinished or finished work). 
  • The student will add a sticker to the round he/she was just working at on their “Daily 5 Check Chart” sheet and move onto their next round. 
  • At times the teacher can leave positive comments on the students’ check sheet to reward their learning. 

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How Do I set up Daily 5 in my Classroom!?!
Read to Self

Here is our Reading Corner!!!
The students "Book Buckets" filled with sight word and leveled readers at his/her level!

"Poetry Binders" with all the poems we learn through out the year

After we read our Let's Find Out magazine I will keep two in our reading corner for enjoyment! 

Work on Writing

 I have been using Deedee's "Writing Work Stations" and just love them! What I like the most about them is that they are the same activities each month, but with different themed vocabulary cards.  Now my students will know what to do, they will know my expectations, and they will be able to complete this center independently all year long! 

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Read with Partners

The first bin holds reading tools, bins 2 - 5 hold leveled books (2 of each), and the last bin holds any little paper readers we have read in the classroom and have sent home. 

Work on Words

I made a set of the themed vocabulary cards for each of the bins in my Work on Words center.  I added a different colored sticker to the back of each they don't get mixed up!

We use Live, Love, Laugh in Kindergarten's Word Work Unit.  See examples below...

I have been using Tammy's "Word Work Stations" and just love them, too! What I like the most about them is that they are the same activities each month, but with different themed vocabulary cards.  Now my students will know what to do, they will know my expectations, and they will be able to complete this center independently all year long!  I know...I repeated myself...but it is true and it works!!!

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Now for the GivEaWaY.....

Deedee and Tammy both have agreed to giveaway their January Unit to some lucky bloggers.   Now you should feel warm inside and out!  This is a fabulous GivEaWaY!!!

We will give it away to someone on SUNDAY night.  Please leave a comment below with your e-mail for a chance to win!  

Enjoy Your Holiday Break, 
Amber & LuAnn


  1. LOVE your Daily 5 folders! Already downloaded and plan on using after break! I'm thinking about switching up my word work this would be a fabulous addition!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Thank you so much for the freebie! I can't wait to use it after break in my classroom! I would love to win the giveaway!

  3. I love getting new ideas from awesome K teachers like you! Thank you! :)


  4. Starting the Daily 5 after holiday break. Thanks for the folders! Hoping to win the giveaway

  5. Love all your Daily 5 ideas! I would love to win the giveaway! :)

  6. I love your Daily 5 pictures! Your class is so cute! :)

  7. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your Daily 5 journals...This may be just what I need to figure this out for my kidlets! Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Amy :)

  8. WOW! WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! wendy 1stgradefireworks

  9. This looks great! I would love to use this with my class!

  10. Lots of great ideas thanks so much for sharing! Love your read to self area, my room is sooo small I am totally Thanks for the chance to win these awesome packs!


  11. I am always looking for great ideas and sometimes digging through TPT and TN is daunting while looking for new things to try. Thank you for sharing!

  12. We are just starting daily 5 after break. These will be great activities that allow for student choice and independence. Thank for the wonderful ideas!!

  13. Love the daily 5! This would be great for my students.

  14. Love your folders. This looks like it will be a Christmas holidays project.

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  16. Love the folders! I used to use folders, got away from them, and now want to use them again! These would be great!

  17. I really like your folders and the way you have your classroom set up.

  18. I love your folder idea. Looks like I have another project to add to my list for this winter break! Thanks for the great resources.

  19. Thanks for the great resource! We are implementing something similar with our centers after the break. Would love to win the giveaway :)

    Katrina Bias

  20. such great ideas!! My district will be going to an all day/ everyday schedule next year and I SOOOO will be using all of these!! Happy Holidays!! :0) Maribeth Rohrbaugh

  21. I love so many of your ideas. We really liked the elf. I wanted to know if there was a template in a product of yours or was it just free hand. I'm already looking for ideas for the new year. P.McCoy

  22. I love everything.

  23. I have read and retread this post. I am going for Daily 5 come January 6th I am so pumped! Thanks for sharing!


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