Sunday, April 13, 2014

This weekend was "One-in-a-Melon"!

Do you recognize the watermelon picture!?!  Guess whose session we had the honor of attending and even danced like penguins.   We wish there was a picture of that to SHARE....not! 

Katie & Co. has a NEW "Watermelon" felt set.  We created this mini addition unit to use with this product.  Check out her website by clicking {HERE}!
This "Watermelon Addition Unit" will be FREE for a short SWEET time.  {PLEASE CLICK HERE!} 
Number partners 3 - 12 are included in the unit.  We also added a blank page for differentiation!

If needed...we provided a watermelon pattern to use with your students.
BTW...if you google..."Watermelon Activities for Kindergarten"....this is what you see!  LOVE IT...and LOVE his teaching!
To all the FaBuLOus teachers we met this {right here now}  to check out Smedley's Kindergarten Blog!

P.S.  We had a WONDERFUL time presenting at and attending the University of Wisconsin ~ Whitewater Early Childhood Conference.  Everyone was so FRIENDLY and everything was very well-organized.  If you have not had the chance to attend this conference...YOU SHOULD!  Click {right here} here to follow their Facebook page for information about the 2015 conference. 

Thanks for reading, 
Amber & LuAnn 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Eight/Ate The Bug Game

Need a brainy break in your classroom day!?!  Play the game, "I Eight The Bug!" with your kiddos.  Very simple! Watch the video....

During the game I DO NOT have the students wearing the frog masks.  I just thought it would be a"FROG-TASTIC" way to disguise them to share this game with you!  HE HE HE

How to play:
  • The students will stand in a circle.
  • Choose a student to start the game with the stuffed bug and he/she will say, "I one the bug".
  • Then the student will pass the bug to the next student and he/she will say, "I two the bug".
  • Play continues until a student says, "I Eight/Ate the bug!" and that student will sit down.  
  • Continue game until one student is standing.  

P.S.  I happen to have a stuffed bug in my classroom.  You can use any little stuffed animal to play with in your game just change the saying.  For example...if you have cow you can say "I one the cow". 

Enjoy & Give Yourself A Hug!  

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Funk"-y Sight Word Game

What do you get when you mix a favorite childhood game and Mrs. Leeby's Fonts!?!  Our new "Funk"-y Sight Word Game!!!

I just ADORE Mrs. Leeby's fonts and her new one called, Leeby's Funk, is my new fav!  You can get the font for free right now on her facebook fan freebie tab.

Our unit includes....
Sight Word Powepoint Game

The students will be given a couple of minutes to look (learn by heart) all the words on the screen trying to remember each one. 

The students will close their eyes!

The students will open their eyes and say or write on a wipe-off board what word is missing.

Use this slide to reveal the answer!  They will LOVE it!!!

Powerpoint with 100 Fry Sight Words

Why do we use this in our classrooms?  We believe MEMORIZING sight words increases our young learners fluency and MOTIVATION to read.  In return, the kiddos have more time to decode words they do not know, which increases their comprehension of the story.

Reading is tough work....purchase this "Funk"-y Sight Word Unit to help inspire your students' love of reading.  Check it out in our TeachersPayTeachers and TeachersNotebook shop!

For a chance to win this "Funk"-y Sight Word Unit....all you have to do is like us on facebook!  We will pick 10 winners this Sunday night.
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We will be adding numbers, shapes, & letters "Funk"-y Powerpoint Units in our TpT & TN shop soon!

Keep on Dancin'
Amber & LuAnn

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breaking News

Just in...
We have over 100 educators registered for our session, T-H-E-M-E-S Rock, at the UW~Whitewater Early Childhood Conference.   It is a PASSION of ours to SHARE what we do in our classroom with others.  If you are attending the conference, please stop by and see us.  We LOVE to make new connections with WONDERFUL teachers!    

Top Story...
 Here is a little TREAT for our Pre-K friends in the blogging world.  You will find this FREEBIE in our TpT and TN Shops.  See pictures below of the "Egg-cellent Number Fun"!      

Eggs'tra special THANKS for reading our blog! 
Amber & LuAnn

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Warm Fuzzies

During the month of February we focus on FRIENDSHIP.  One activity I always enjoy doing with my kiddos is making a "Warm Fuzzy".  This year the students made a "warm fuzzy", drew a classmates name, and completed the sheet explaining why he/she is giving their friend a "warm fuzzy".

The smile on their face while they were giving their "warm fuzzy" to their friend was PRICELESS!

Click {right here} to go to our TpT shop for this freebie!    

 P.S. This gives me WARM FUZZIES all over inside.  LuAnn and I will be presenting at the UW-Whitewater Early Childhood Conference.   

Check out their WEBSITE for more information.
They have a FACEBOOK page, too!

Thanks Bunches,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kinderchaun Unit

You can grab this unit in our TEACHERSNOTEBOOK SHOP
You can grab this unit in our TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS SHOP

Don't forget to check out our "A Lucky Find" Activity.
We blogged about it HERE!
It is only $1.50 in our TpT shop & TN shop.   
This has been one of our favorite St. Patrick's Day activities to do with our kiddos!!! 

Irish Blessings, 
Amber & LuAnn

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Writing Picture Prompts Freebie

My students need help writing letters neatly on the line....upper and lowercase! I decided to go to TpT and search for a "Letter Formation Unit" from one of the AMAZING~CREATIVE~BRILLANT teacher creators all over TpT and look what I found....for FREE!!!
Click {Here} to check out this product!
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Click {HERE NOW} to get this freebie!
Click {right here} to find this freebie!

Click {RIGHT HERE} to get this fabulous freebie!
I also felt a little creative myself and made this little "Writing Picture Prompt" Unit to use with my kiddos.  This freebie is a great way to improve your students writing & spark some interesting stories through fun picture ideas!



Happy Writing!
Amber & LuAnn