Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Go Noodle & Sit Spots

Go Noodle = Move with purpose
Our Go Noodle Sit Spots = Sit with purpose 


The students can't wait until it is their champ that we work together to build/grow!   

So Simple!  So Fun!  So Motivating! 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Math Centers with picture overload!

Are you shopping for next school year yet!?! 
Kindergarten students need hands-on interaction with
manipulatives while learning math.
Do I have "THE THING" for you!
WARNING: Lots of EXCITING pictures
IN ACTION included! 

Math manipulatives make math FUN!
Children of all ages ENJOY using these concrete tools to make sense of the problems they are given. They especially help our younger learners who are learning new math concepts for the first time.  A relationship is built when shown visually how to solve problems and given opportunities to “try” something using math manipulatives.  With repeated practice and “PLAY” with manipulatives,
math fluency develops.
This is my rotation board for math center time. 
Each day I rotate the wheel and the students have a choice between 2 math activities. 
THANK YOU Kindergarten Smorgasboard Blog for this management system.  It works GREAT in my classroom! 

This is how I store 3 of the math manipulative game units. I LOVE this shelf!  The students can take a bin off the shelf and get right to work around the classroom.   

The "I Can" charts are clipped to a clip board.  

All the materials for that game are stored in the bin. 

The recording sheets are under the "I can" sheet. 
How SMART is that!?!

The games are SIMPLE! 
The games are similar to some of the ones in her linking cubes, colored titles, and teddy bear units.  This makes kids very independent and feel successful!  Isn't that one of our goals as kindergarten teachers!?! 

There is so much learning that takes place
between friends.  I just LOVE IT! 

If these pictures don't get you hooked....check out KinderGals Blog
Search "math manipulatives". 
You will read all about how important math manipulatives are to our young students!

CLICK RIGHT HERE to go to "KinderGals" TpT shop.  
They are a must for any kindergarten classroom! 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Dinosaurs & Green Screen

I had so much fun introducing our next theme....DINOSAURS. 

I took my students picture in front of a green screen.  They had to look very scared and they had no idea why.  You should have seen the look on their faces when I showed them the finished product. 
My son, Cayden, was my practice piece.  MAKES ME SMILE! 
 Then, I introduced words that would catch the readers attention "Nooo! ~ Heeelp! ~ Awww!" to the students and right to work they went...writing about dinosaurs.  We did have a little discussion about NOT writing that the dinosaur is going to eat them!  HA!

 Greg Smedley from "The Kindergarten Smorgasboard" has a great "Green Screen Tutorial" for you to use in your classroom too.  Check it out by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!
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