Sunday, August 10, 2014

Book Treasure Basket & FREEBIE!

What can parents do with all the little paper reading books their child brings home?  

This "MAGIC" little basket will be a special place at home to keep every book that the students make & read together in the classroom.   As his/her book collection grows, the parent will encourage their child to read one book out of the "Book Treasure Basket" every day for practice at home.

The books the students bring home should have very simple and controlled vocabulary so that the students come to recognize and memorize important "sight words".  Fluency is the key to successful reading.  The more the student reads, the more confident he or she will become in your classroom!

Our favorite back to school "MUST DO" is FREE for you!  
We chose a super hero theme because every kid wants to be a super hero or meet one!!!  
Grab your FREEBIE in our TpT Shop!
Parent Letter
Labels to attach to basket
Speaking of back to school....Did you hear about our unbelievable "Beginning of the School Year Blogger Bonanza" taking place on Wednesday, August 20th.  You can attend for only $10!  And trust will be soooo worth your summer time!  We have been getting tons of freebies and giveaways.  It is going to be full of information, fun and new friends!  Please come and join us...IT IS FOR ALL TEACHERS...YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER!!!  

We HOPE you have a FABULOUS start to your school year! 
Amber & LuAnn 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shake of the Day Winner

What is this CUTE...if I must say...bucket all about!?!  
"SHAKE OF THE DAY"....and we blogged about it right here!

This winner of our "Shake of the Day" Unit is.....# 5 ~ STenlv....Check your e-mail!
  I love this idea -- super fun and your container is adorable! (as well as your son!) Great new idea! Thanks!    

Our "Shake of the Day" Unit  is in our TpT & TN Shops.  Just in time for "Back to School Sale"!!!

Happy Summer, 
Amber & LuAnn

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Last time we posted about "Shake of the Day" in our classroom...we had many questions and nice comments.  So cute, So fun!, Great idea, Great practice for reviewing many concepts, Totally LOVE this idea, etc.  
What a fun way to start your new school year out...keep on reading!!!

Cayden excited to start SHAKING the jar.   Yes...his shirt matches and I DID NOT plan that.  Isn't he AdOraBle!!!
He cannot shake it hard enough to see what he rolls!
Bah  ha ha....this is so his MAD face.  Better luck next time...buddy!
Tongue sticking out means..."hard at work"!
HAPPY....that he rolled syllable matches.  
If you're still is my son being silly & I had to SHARE!

This unit, available in our TpT & TN shops, includes 9 cube patterns with different concepts and recording sheets that have been teacher-tested and kid-approved!
Letter Order
Color Words
Numbers & Number Words

How is “Shake of the Day” used in the classroom?
“Shake of the Day” can be used as a fun activity for the student of the day.  The special student can shake during morning routines, record their answer, and tell three friends what he/she rolled.  Another option is to shake the bucket during whole group morning meeting or calendar time.  After the special student SHAKES the bucket, the class can discuss the outcome and record answers together.  

We are so excited to SHARE our "Shake of the Day" unit with you....that we want to GIVE ONE AWAY to our sweet followers!  All you have to do is leave a comment below before midnight on July 31st!

THANKS BUNCHES for reading, 
Amber & LuAnn

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beginning of the School Year Blogger Bonanza

River Crest Elementary ~ Hudson, Wisconsin ~
Wednesday, August 20th ~ 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Monday, July 14, 2014

Rays of Teaching (Susie Haas) Giveaway!

Who would have thought that in Vegas we would have the honor of meeting and falling in love with Susie Haas!?!  Wait a second....we already fell IN LOVE with the products she created while she was well-known as "Scribbles-N-Dots".  Susie Haas Kane now has a TpT Shop called Kindergarten With Susie and very soon a blog to share her creative products that kiddos & teachers love.    

We have used the next 4 products in our classroom for the last 10 years.  Each school year we like to change it up a bit and add new engaging activities to our curriculum, and when we do...we have to give something else up to fit-it-all-in.  But....we NEVER go a year with out these Susie Haas products.  We know you will fall in love, too!  Just look at the clip art... so cute and kid-friendly!  
We use this ABC BOOK  on the first day of school and by week 6 a majority of our students KNOW their LETTERS and LETTER SOUNDS by HEART. can be used with any reading program!!!
We use these ABC pictures  for our word wall.  This allows your kindergarten kids to EASILY distinguish between the capital and the lowercase letters with just a glance!
As your students learn names, sight words, and other special words, he/she can add to their very own Dilly Dally Dictionary as a great reference tools during journal writing or Writer's Workshop.
Have you ever wondered where the poem Jack-O Happy came from!?!  We have all the "Happy Poems" from Susie Haas to use in our classroom through out the school year.  
We do not have this Common-Core-Standards unit....YET!  But it is on our WISH LIST!!!
Susie Haas would love to give away one of her "Amazing ABC Program" Units to one lucky teacher.  All you have to do is follow her TpT shop on the rafflecopter below.   TRUST US....YOU WANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway Enjoy Summer & Thanks for Reading, 
Amber & LuAnn

Friday, June 20, 2014


Yes...that is a pair of "TIE-DYED UNDERWEAR"!
If you teach an Introduction to Kindergarten Summer School Class...I have the funniest thing for you to do with your kiddos. 

Tie-dye underwear.  The kids LOVE it!  Can you just see all of them wearing their SPECIAL underwear on the first day of school!?!  
Cayden being silly wearing his colorful underwear!  Isn't he just the cutest thing you have seen!?!  
Just go to your nearest Dollar Tree or Family Dollar and purchase undies for your little friends.  I would suggest NOT sending a parent letter home to bring used undies with them to summer school.  HE HE HE  

Here is a FREEBIE of the tag that goes home with the underwear.

The students will be so excited for the first day of school! 

Live, Laugh, I Love Kindergarten recently posted "Wishlist Wednesday" to give away her #1 wishlist item from TpT Shop.  What a great idea!  Want a chance to win 1 of our top 3 products from TpT Shop!?!  Enter the rafflecopter below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Have a great weekend and....WE CAN'T WAIT UNTIL "I TEACH K" VEGAS!!!

Amber & LuAnn


Monday, June 2, 2014

Partner Readers ~ Read to Someone

When we think of “Read To Someone”…we think of TAKING TURNS READING.  We do not get enough time in our KINDERGARTEN classroom to take turns while playing….so why not do it during your daily 5/reading time. 

The students can help each other become GOOD READERS.  A FRIEND is the best person to help the reader with tricky words.   They can reread the “Partner Readers” many times to practice fluency and voice.  When they are finished they can retell three things they read in the story to build comprehension early in their reading. 

The student on the left (reader 1) is reading her highlighted sentence.
The student on the right (reader 2) is reading her highlighted sentence. 

Close up picture of the pages!

You can check out these "Partner Readers" in our TpT Shop.  # 3 will be free until the end of the weekend!

Thanks for reading,
Amber & LuAnn