Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We all love things that are creepy and crawly.  I know the kiddos do!!!  I am going to post my Insects & Bugs Centers.  Please be aware that there may be some pictures that are not for your viewing eyes.  Just skip past them and see what else we like do in our classroom. HE HE HE

One student in the center would pick a word and say it.  Two other students would try to see who could be the first one to slap the bug with the word on it.

The students completed the sentence, My butterfly sees...

The students will drop the bugs onto the jar.  Then they will add the 2 numbers together or subtract the bigger number from the smaller number.  I will have my recording sheet on my teacher website.  www.luv2teachk.shutterfly.com

The students will turn over a bug of each kind and write the word for the picture shown by sounding it out on his/her sheet.

YES....he is painting with a real worm.  I was not sure about this idea, but the kiddos LOVED it!  We made sure to wash the worms carefully each time.  Then we after the week was finished we let the worms go outside. 

After the students worm painting was dry, they traced and cut out a worm.  Then added a googly eye.  Too cute!


Houston...We Have A Problem!

I would like to visit Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten classroom, and I live too far away!  Again...I loved her "Space" themed centers so much that I made them for my classroom.  Check it out, and then head to her blog to see more great ideas!  

If you have questions, please let me know!


Farm Centers are "MOO"valous!

American Idol....more like.....Teacher Idol!  Have you been to Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten Blog?  Check it out soon!  There are so many academically fun and cute centers to use in your classroom.  I know my kiddos are very fortunate that I found her blog site this year.  Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your amazing ideas, Julie!

I apologize about some of the pictures being sideways.  Sometimes my blog has a mind of its own!  I will post printables on my teacher website.  http://www.luv2teachk.shutterfly.com/


Monday, April 11, 2011

Father's Day

MThe students will color a picture of something they do special with their dads.  Then we will make it into a calendar for their dads to hang somewhere special - like the garage.   


Mother's Day

Our special day is called, Moms & Muffins.  When the moms arrive the students will meet them at the door and give them their special card.  (See below - so adorable)  The students will sing and dance the Tooty Ta, by Dr.  Jean with their moms.  We will sing a shorter version of  I Wish I Had A Little Red Box, by Dr. Jean (we use mom, grandma, dad, and mom again).  We say our tea pot poem and give our moms the card with a tea bag.  The last thing we do is read the book, Love You Forever.  I will read the story to the moms and the students will help me sing the verse - I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I am living, my mommy you will be.  We make sure to give the moms tissues before we read the story!

Outside: I Will Always Love You Mommy...
Inside: Even When I Am All Grown Up! 

Teapot Saying:
Here's a gift for Mother's Day.
I'll try my best in every way.
But if you get upset with me...
Relax and have a pot of tea!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flower Power

This is a great display in the classroom that the students make together.  Hands are not just for writing!!!
 As a class we discuss the parts of a flower.  We spell out the words together.  If a word is misspelled, I write the word underneath for the students to see. 


Spring Bulletin Board

Kids just LOVE to get their hands painted!  I also like to do this activity because you can see what the kids thought they learned this year (besides playing, snacking, & resting!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earth Day

Earth Day is coming soon.  April 22nd - as a matter of fact!  
In our classroom, the students make Earth necklaces the week before to wear on that special day.  See picture below! 
There is a trick to making the necklace - Experience!  Actually...the only 2 ingredients you need are potting soil and glue.  The tricky part is getting the right texture.  It cannot be too soft/mushy and it cannot be too hard/thick.  
1) In a bowl mix enough soil and glue for the class.
2) Have the student scoop out a spoonful (golf ball size or smaller).  
3) The student will roll it into a smooth ball. 
4) The teacher will stick a small paper clip in the top.  
5) Place on a wax sheet of paper with the students name next to it.  
     It usually takes 1 to 2 days to dry.  Make sure to move it around 
     so one side is not flat. 
6) Paint the ball green(land) and blue(water).  I used neon acrylic 
     paint.  It was brighter! 
7) Tie a string and wear! 

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