Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shape & Color Centers

Can I just tell you that Pete the Cat is the coolest cat around!  I cannot imagine a teacher out there that has not heard of him yet.  I know my kids LOVED his story about his new white shoes.  I started out the Shape & Color centers by singing his song....because it is all good!

I See Colors

The students had to find the backpack (or other objects) and write the color word on the line.  They could use the colored crayon to copy the color word. 

Pete The Cat
The students at this center will read the book with me.  The students will have 10 minutes to color in some of the pictures (to work on their fine motor skills).   Then the students can take their book home to read to their parents and put in their treasure box.  By the way.... I got this book from Fran's (Kindergarten Crayons) Pete The Cat unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.    

Shape Toss
The students like to see which shape is going to make it to the top first!

M&M Graph
The students had to sort and graph their M&M's.  Then the students had to write how many M&M's in each column.  Finally...you gotta love a center when you get to eat the manipulative at the end!

The Shape Song
In the pocket chart I have Dr. Jean's song, The Shape Song, displayed for the students to see. 

This is an example of the book the students look at while we listen to the song on CD.

The students will color in a shape on each page by copying the colors in the pocket chart.  On the last page, I will ask the students each shape.  If the student gets a shape wrong, I will circle it to let the parents know which shapes to work on at home.

Shape Monster Glyph
I got this idea from Mrs. Lee's Blog, and of course I took the idea and made it cuter.  JOKING!  No...really....I look forward to all her great ideas that she shares to use with my students. 

Shape Monster Glyph
Favorite Shape = Body
Favorite Color = Color of my Monster
Triangle/Rectangle Body = 1 Eye
Square/Circle Body = 3 Eyes
Rectangle Mouth = I am a boy
Semi Circle Mouth = I am a girl
Hair Pieces = How many letters in your name

Rainbow Hair
Click on the words "Rainbow Hair" below and you can get a copy of the poem.  You might have to change it a bit because of the different fonts I have on my computer.  
Rainbow Hair

 By the way...I will add copies of my centers to my teacher website at www.luv2teachk.shutterfly.com soon.  Look under the "THEME" link on the top of the website.  Thanks!


  1. Do your students do the Rainbow hair on white paper or is it wax paper? It's hard to tell in the photo. Thanks so much! LOVE the ideas!

  2. Mrs. Russell...We do it on white bulletin board paper. I think it would be a slipping and a sliding on wax paper. HE HE HE

  3. Hahaha!! Yes! I think you're right about the slipping and sliding! I didn't think it was regular construction paper that you used since the paper has a bit of a glossier look in the photo. I did the Rainbow hair with my preschoolers (on construction paper), and they LOVED it! I'll have to try bulletin board paper next time. I never thought of doing that! Thanks again for the great idea!

  4. Hi! I love reading your blog and have awarded you a versatile blogger award.


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  6. Where did you get your labels for the shape dice? I have searched online for them, but no luck. Thank you!

  7. I just found you through the Teacher Wife. Hooray! I can't wait to do those glyph monsters!!! SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. DW...I got my dice at the Kindergarten convention in Vegas this summer. I will see if I can find the vendor for you.

    Kristin...Thank you for following me. I hope you keep finding new ideas to bring to your classroom!

  9. did I miss a link to follow by email? I'd love to do it. smskdg@hotmail.com thank you!

  10. Do you have copies of the I see shapes book or the Pete the Cat book you could email me?

  11. Nevermind I found them:) Thanks for these ideas!

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