Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love ~ Love Predictable Charts!

I LOVE to make predictable charts for each theme in our classroom. 

What is a predictable chart? 
I     It is individual dictated student sentences that follow an oral language pattern.
I     The teacher writes the chart in front of the students. 
I     The students DO NOT share the writing utensil during this activity. 
I     The teacher thinks aloud as she/he takes the child’s idea and composes it word by word.

Why do predictable charts in your classroom?
I     To draw student’s attention to print.
I     Develop “one-word / one-touch” awareness through finger pointing.
I     Illustrate top to bottom directionally.
I     Illustrate the left to right print concept.
I     recognition of sight words.
I     develop common oral language vocabulary and grammatical structures.
I     Develop awareness that print conveys meaning.
I     Make stories more meaningful to students.
I     Promote individual reading success. can easily turn your predictable chart into a literacy center or a classroom-made book! 

Here are my September predictable charts. 

Here are two great resources for using predictable charts in your classroom.
  • Month By Month Reading and Writing in Kindergarten by Patricia Cunningham .
  • Predictable Charts: Shared Writing for Kindergarten and First Grade  by Dorothy Hall.


  1. I do this too! I'd like to hear how you implement it as a center! =)

  2. Jessica, Here are a few that come to mind...
    Have the sentence (one per sheet) mixed-up on a sheet of paper and the students can cut it up, glue it in order, and illustrate the sentence.

    Have a record sheet to find sight words in the predictable chart.

    On a sheet of paper have the sentence started with the end of the sentence blank and the student can copy what is written on the predictable chart onto their sheet to take home.

    Any other great ideas out there?

  3. I love them too! I did them a few years ago then kind of got away from them. This week we did one about apple colors. I like ___ apples and the kids chose an apple color then we graphed how many of each color, etc. It is good for teaching the high frequency words.

  4. I love your charts...great idea.. I just gave you the I Heart Your Blog award because I love the ideas on your blog.
    Sue :)

  5. I love your predictable charts?!? I would love to know what some of your ideas for your October charts will be just to give me some inspiration :)

  6. I received two more awards for my blog today and was asked to pass on the love. And of course I thought of your blog again. So I added two more awards for you. Please stop by and see the awards.
    Sue :)

  7. I am an ECE programming student, and need answers to these questions please email me your answers A.S.A.P. if you don't email is:

 any toddler-2nd grade teachers please email me this info!!!

    How do you form your lesson plans?

    What subjects and concepts do you cover?

    Do you teach anything above or below this grade level in this class/ working ahead/ or progressing faster?

    Are there many students above target, what do these children do how are they being challenged or learning something new, do you adapt lessons for individual children to meet their needs, give an example even in previous years?

    What type of activities or methods do you use in your teaching to teach the concepts? Like an example of everything done in one day would be fine or on a weekly base, please explain for each subject.

    Please send me an example lesson plan along with your classroom schedule.

    What curriculum or method do you use for each subject?

    How do you teach physical, emotional, and social development, do and how do you teach everyday life skills?

    When implementing a lesson plan how often do things change and not go as planned? How often do you get behind or not finish a lesson as expected/ what causes these delays/ what do you do about it?

    What is the hardest thing about teaching?

    What do you like the most and least about teaching?

  8. Joy365...I will e-mail you tonight with my answers. I hope it is not too late!

    Sue...THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU! We are very honored. Thank you for thinking of us, and we love to share! I will be checking your blog out tonight!

    Chelsea...My themes for October are Apples and Monsters. My predictable charts are...
    I like __________apples.
    If I were a monster, I would scare _________.


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