Sunday, November 10, 2013

Owl~trageous Centers for the Week!

The students will read the sentence (many times).
Then....he/she will trace the sentence and count/write how many words in the sentence.  

The students will build sight words.
Then...he/she will color it, trace it, and write it on the line. 

The students will find the missing letter.
Then...he/she will write the ABC order in the box. 

The students will sound out the picture.
Then....he/she will write each sound in the box

The students will read the number and fill in the ten-frame match. 

The students will put the owls in order from 10 - 100.
Then....he/she will write it on the record sheet. 

The students will roll and graph until one owl reaches the top.
 If they get a "Screech", he/she will  "Screech" like an owl and lose their turn! 

The students will read the pocket chart, "What Did The Owl Say?"
Then...he/she will complete the record form by writing the color words to match each sentence.

While I go and figure out what my 4K kiddos are doing during "Thematic Center" time...enjoy this video by clicking the link!  Enjoy Your School Week!!!


  1. Love these owl centers! They look like you are going to have a fantastic week!


  2. I love your centers. They are so much fun. That brain is always at work!
    Miss you,