Saturday, November 16, 2013

Block Center

Blocks are kind of an essential item in most classrooms, am I right? Both Boys and girls like blocks. Why?  Because they’re a lot of fun!
Turns out, kids can learn a lot from these simple toys, too!  To mention a few...oral language, develop vocabulary, increase social skills, etc. 
We have created a recording sheet to keep in the block center.  When our students are finished creating their masterpiece...they can draw and label it to take home to share their learning with their families.  

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Here are some more ideas I found on Pinterest to use in your block center...

This booklet is filled with a list of items your students can make in the blocks center. It has great picture cues for each idea....Click {right here} to go to Kindergarten Lifestyle's Blog and get yours for FREE!

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Amber & LuAnn

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  1. Love the idea of putting kids pictures on blocks! I am going to do this with my own kids blocks ASAP!

    The Math Maniac