Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reading to the President

I was able to attend a fabulous conference yesterday called, Literacy Practices for 4K.  One of the greatest parts was being able to sit at a table with 5 other 4K teachers and share what we do in the classroom.  I did a lot of listening because I am new to this 4K thing...and let me tell you...I could not get enough of it!  

One of the ideas the presenter, Lori Jamison, shared with us was "Reading to the President...or your Principal...or your Friends...the ideas are endless"!  

Go read to the PRESIDENT! 

Yes...this is a chart from one of Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell's Reader's Workshop Units.  

This is where I hang our anchor charts to remind the students what is important!
Look....NO SNOW yet...and I am going enjoy every minute of it!!!

PS...if you are looking for new professional book to read check this book out.  PLAY is so important!   

Thanks for Reading,

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