Saturday, August 6, 2016

Grab That...Learning Fun

My son, Cayden, went to a friends house and all he could talk about when he got home was this toy called, "The Claw" that he played with.   We can never go into Wal~mart without Cayden asking for a dollar to play THAT MACHINE!
I am sure that I am not the only mom who has this I did what any teacher would do....and I had to have that toy for my classroom! 
First, I tried my "Vowel Tub Items" in The Claw machine....and they did not work.  
Then, I tried "Teddy Bear Counters"...and they did not work! 
Finally, I tried "Vending Machine Capsules"...and it worked!

Doesn't every teacher have "Vending Machine Capsules" stored in their closet!?!
I bought them about 5 years ago for another activity that I had planned in the classroom.  Good thing the set came with like a 1000 capsules.  HA!
At the beginning of the school year my students will win a capsule, open it up, and tell the class what letter or number it is.

The possibilities of learning fun all year long is endless...

  • Win 1 capsule and say a word that begins or ends with that letter sound
  • Win 1 capsule and say the sight word
  • Win 1 capsule and count on from that number
  • Win 1 capsule and write about it
  • Win 2 capsules and see if they make a rhyme
  • Win 2 capsules and add the numbers together
If you have extra money in your budget...this would be a fun learning experience for your students!   

*Warning* This Claw Machine does make noise while in use!


  1. Hi! So I have already looked up online pricing for this item :) I see that you listed ideas for use, but I do wonder about how you are actually using it in the classroom. Do you use it daily? And what time of the day (reading block, filler activity? warm up?) Thank you!

  2. What size are your capsules? They look small but I can only find 2" capsules. I'm wondering if those might be too big. Thanks for your help!


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