Thursday, August 11, 2016


THANKS BUNCHES for checking out our classroom.
We are going to have a FABULOUS year learning in here!
"Secret Password" is a great way to greet the precious kiddos each morning and review concepts learned in the classroom.

The door name tags are INSPIRED by Little Lucky Learners Blog!

Such a GREAT learning tool to use in your classroom.
 THANK YOU Mrs. Maya's Blog!
This is going to be a FUN spot to READ & WRITE in our classroom!
Wall Frieze letters for our Word Wall. 
When the students are finished writing in their journals, this anchor chart helps to keep track of who is "READY TO SHARE" and " I HAVE SHARED" in the classroom. 
            Get your FREEBIE by clicking CLICKING RIGHT HERE!
This unit has so many poems to use during the school year.
 LOVE "Clever Student" to introduce our poems to the kiddos!
CLICK RIGHT HERE  to get a copy for your classroom. 
Do you see what I see!?!
The words are not centered!
I pictured "My Underwear" poem because it is my kiddos favorite.
Check out the alphabet poems by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

We got new reading lofts for our kindergarten classrooms this year.
I can't wait to let my kinder kids EXPLORE, LEARN, & have FUN!
Love First. Teach Second.  ~ Top Dog Teaching
and makes your learning environment FUN!

Miss Neuenschwander, co-blog author...presenting buddy...true friend, created this bulletin board a couple years ago.  The students LOVE it and so do I !   

Have an AMAZING school year! 


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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your classroom set up. I do Pete the Cat with Grade 1's in September. Did you create the pocket chart on your own, or where can I purchase the resource?

    1. I got the idea off of PINTEREST an created my own set. What is your e-mail address?

  3. I have utilized stern furnishing with my kid previously, however he for the most part doesn't require it, and is generally well-behaved enough to not require such consideration. The Phoenix pre-k teachers are also good.

  4. Where can I find those free choice center cards and the pete the cat pocket chart game? super cute!!!!


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