Friday, January 29, 2016

The Best Retelling of "The Mitten" Ever!

Some of "The Mitten" characters.  
We listen to the story, "The Mitten"
by Jan Brett on YouTube. 
Kim Adsit shared that it was
good to retell a story
looking at the pages through a book.
The students do not need to retell by heart!

We sang, "The Mitten" Song, by Can Teach
as we retold the story and acted it out. 

The students loved acting (hopping, trots, climbs, etc)
into the mitten.
The animals make some pretty strange noises too.  HA!

They just LOOOOVED when the bear sneezed
and they all came out! 

Here is a video of us in action! 

While I was in college I made this activity for one of my classes.  Can you believe 8 college students fit in the mitten!?!  It is still one of my favorite lessons to do with my kiddos!  I made the mitten by cutting two sheets into a mitten shape and sewed them together.  Most of the character pieces are headbands and felt pieces to resemble the animals. 

  We hope you enjoyed this post! 

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