Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Read Aloud Importance & Freebie

Reading aloud a story is a powerful tool in the classroom when helping children learn to read.  Your goal in the classroom with a read aloud is to demonstrate to your students that reading isn't just about learning...it's fun!

Mrs. Jump's Blog has "Book Talk Tuesday".   She has been SHARING some WONDERFUL stories to use in your classroom!  Make sure to check it out!!!

One way to help with classroom management during a story to go through "STORY BASICS" before you read!  It's easy....the students will echo what you say!

Teacher ~ Ears are Listening
Students ~ Ears are Listening
Teacher ~ Feet are Quiet
Students ~ Feet are Quiet
Teacher ~ Hands are Still
Students ~ Hands are Still
Teacher ~ Eyes are Looking
Students ~ Eyes are Looking
Teacher ~ Lips are Zipped
Students ~ Lips are Zipped
Read Aloud! Read Aloud! Read Aloud!  It is NEVER a waste of your teaching time!

P.S.  THANKS to my body double today for posing for the pictures!  
Amber & LuAnn 


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