Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ain't I Cute!?!

School Girl Style had just what I was looking for to brighten up my classroom this year.  The hard thing was choosing a theme.  I finally decided on BRIGHT OWLS!

This is a great way to reinforce concepts being learned and make a personal connection for the start of the day! I will add a picture of a shape, color, letter, sight word, number, etc. each day for the kiddos to recite and greet me!
Can you tell what product I have on my computer?  It is What's In A Name Unit by Mrs. Leeby.  I just linked you right to her TpT shop because you should trust me and buy the unit. 
I loved First Grade Blue Skies ribbon skirt so much that I wanted something like it in my classroom, too.  As the year goes on...I will add a little more ribbon.  
Nice Notes ~ I wanted some place special to hang my
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E notes students give me at school.  
Science Discover Center

Reading Wall
My students are bringing in family photos to hang in the frames beside the classroom tree.  This makes the students feel like they are apart of the classroom.  It is an educational tool, too! 
Writing Area
Partner Reader Bins on top
Fine Motor & Play Dough on the bottom
Almost anything play dough in my classroom is from Miss Kindergarten
Art Area
Math Wall
Number Charts are from The First Grade Parade (Don't Forget My Number)

Math Area
Secret Star is from A Cupcake For A Teacher ...and it is FREE!

Book Treasure Baskets ~ You can read about them by CLICKING HERE!
LOVE ~ LOVE our word wall.  Have you been to Susie Kane's Blog blog yet!?!  Kindergarten With Susie is the place to be!!!

Whole group learning area

FOCUS WALL  ~ Deedee Wills came out with this product just in time for me!!!

Can you see it!?!  I cannot wait to use this learning tool in my classroom with my kids.  How can a MIMIO make me so excited to teach!?!
I am IN LOVE with my classroom! 


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