Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1000 Followers, Pictures, Freebie, and Giveaway!

We are very honored that we have 1000 followers. 

We are also grateful for every sweet comment we receive from our followers and other bloggers.  To show our appreciation, we are giving away all 10 of our phonemic awareness activities from our Teachers Notebook store to 10 lucky winners.  That is a SWEET Deal!  Please leave a short comment telling why you love teaching KINDERGARTEN (or your grade level) along with your e-mail address! 

Here are some pictures to enjoy from Mrs. Osterman's Classroom...
Birthday Balloons with silly straws for my special kiddos!

I finally got the "guts" to mod-podge my filing cabinets.  Thanks Mrs. Lee...for the idea! 

Below is what we chant before we begin teaching/learning in large group
Teacher; Class
Students: Yes
Teacher: Time to learn
Students: Time to listen
Adorable wall hanging by...first-grade-fever blogspot

Famous Pom~Poms from Pinterest! 


AFTER....way cuter!

Another pinterest idea that I use for large group behavior management.  Did you notice that I dyed my clothes pins...black!?!

Our reading corner tree.  Too much work not to share!

Literacy Centers/Daily 5-9 "where to go" chart.  The students will clip their clothespin to a special spot. 

This is an example of the poster hanging in the designated literacy area.

Math Bulletin Board

Posters on top represent each Common Core Math Practices
The resources comes from Jordan School District in Utah...check it out. 
We made our own copy in black in white {click here for freebie!} 

Poster on the bottom is our "All About Number One" Poster  

Common Core Math Buckets
Each bucket contains a common core math standard that needs to be mastered. 
I will keep changing the activities in each bucket though out the year.   

How did this ADORABLE dog get in my group of pictures!?!  I just had to share my dad's new companion...Niko. 
He is an Irish~Doodle.  How can you not smile at a face like that?

This is from Mrs. Lee's I'm a Peacemaker Unit.  Check in out {here} .  I used Velcro dots behind each peacemaker ~ peacebreaker strip so I can use the chart each year.

Here are our A~D~O~R~A~B~L~E "No Davids"!

I just smile every time I see this "welcome sign" when I walk into the classroom. 

My "Secret Password" Sign.  The students will whisper the secret password into my ear before entering the classroom in the morning.  I have used this the past 6 years and I LOVE IT.  The kiddos do, too!

Kindergarten Rocks Banner

We hope that you enjoy our posts and what we have to share!  Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win our giveaway...with your e-mail address...by SUNDAY(September 23rd)!!!
I finally chopped my hair (on the left)....Lovin' it!

Amber & LuAnn


  1. My favourite part of teaching Kindergarten is the "light bulb" moment when suddenly they understand a new concept and are so excited to try this new skill over and over and over.
    Love your site!

  2. My favorite part of teaching Kindergarten is how excited my students are to learn! Each morning they come in with their sweet smiles and are so encouraged to learn!

  3. I LOVE teaching Kindergarten because I get to see the tremendous progress the students make throughout the year! They come to my classroom in August as wee-ones and leave matured & ready for first grade! :)


  4. I LOVE teaching Kindergarten because -
    students LOVE school
    Students WANT to learn
    Students make GREAT GAINS throughout the year
    Students give the BEST hugs & make me feel like a rock star!

  5. I love teaching Kindergarten because...
    the kids are so excited about everything!
    those kiddos are so stinkin' cute!
    I get to read so many books aloud to a captive audience!
    Alicia atmalec@sbcglobal.net

  6. I love teaching kindergarten because I love sharing my favorite children' s books, I love the hugs, I love that we can be working and playing at the same time, and I even love making fun games to use in my classroom in my "spare time"!

  7. I love teaching Kindergarten because they are so sweet! They love you all day long (even when they get in trouble). I love watching them bloom! They start as babies and leave all grown up! It is just so much fun (alot of work - but fun work!)
    Crayons and Curls

  8. your classroom is awesome...its so bright and colorful!! im your newest follower ...drop by =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  9. I love teaching kindergarten because of their love and excitement for learning!


  10. I love Kindergarten because you never know what is going to come out of their mouths. The pride the children take in the smallest accomplishments all because we take the time with them. I love your blog, thanks for sharing.

  11. I love teaching Kindergarten because of the creativity and fun we have each day.

  12. Posters on top represent each Common Core Math Practices
    The resources comes from Jordan School District in Utah...check it out.
    We made our own copy in black in white...{Click here for freebie!
    ** I couldn't open this. Can you repost or send it to me. Thanks!
    Amy Hansen

  13. I love teaching kindergarten because every day is an adventure with kids this age. Keeps me feeling young! :) dhintz3@wolfnet.net

  14. Oh gosh, this would be great! I love teaching Kindergarten because you never know what they are going to say-true in other grades I know, but I think in Kindergarten they love to share!


  15. My favorite part about teaching Kindergarten is their desire to absorb everything you do and say! They want to learn SO badly! Even the kids who struggle really really want to learn!


  16. I LOVE teaching Kindergarten so much I have done it for 33 years! These kiddos love of everything you do! I love seeing the excitement in their eyes when the "learn" something or accomplish a task they said they couldn't do (like tying shoes...) Nothing compares to the seeing first time they count to 50 or 100 by themselves, or read a book. Watching the amazement in their eyes as we watch butterflies emerge from the chrysalis is almost as rewarding as watching the miracle of the butterfly! I have had the chance to stay with the same school system all these years, and it has given me the opportunity to teach whole families and now the children of former students. I couldn't imagine teaching any other grade..Where else can you go to work, maybe even have a rushed morning to get there, only to have a child hug you and tell you that you are the best teacher they ever had?


  17. I love teaching kindergarten. It is the greatest grade to teach! I love that I get kids who don't know letters in thier name and by the end of the year they are reading and writing at a 1st grade level! It's amazing!!!!


  18. I love teaching kindergarten because they are so sweet and full of life! They don't care if you can't carry a tune or dance like Elaine on Seinfeld. :)


  19. I loved teaching Kindergarten because they...

    1) are so much fun
    2) very enthusiastic
    3) made me laugh every day!

    I'm your newest follower and delighted to have found your site! Hope you all have a chance to visit me at my site.


    Granny Goes to School

  20. After 40 YEARS, I still love kindergarten because they keep me young, excited, and fresh. I love the first time they realize that they can find and read our sight words anywhere. Their excitement is so infectious! After all these years, I am still excited and blessed to be able to spend days filled with the joy of kinder kids! Donna Newdiger kgnteachmb@hotmail.com

  21. I love teaching kindergarten because the kids are so full of excitement about learning. They are little sponges waiting to be filled. You can teach them anything as long as you do it in a fun way! Kindergarten has enriched by teaching career!


  22. Kindergarten rocks because of my kiddos. Everything is so new and exciting and it is so fun to see that.

  23. Love the welcome sign! Y'all are amazing@

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  24. This is my first year teaching...and first year teaching Kindergarten! I am so blessed to have a job in Michigan, and am LOVING it. Large group - 28 kiddos, many with special needs, but so, so thankful. Thank you to all of you bloggers who post things and give things away...I am there so many hours and having things ready from you friends truly makes things easier! LOVE YOU!

  25. mbettini@cvs.k12.mi.us


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