Friday, July 13, 2012

We HEART Daily 5

Thank you bloggers for sharing your insights/thoughts/suggestions/etc. about the Daily 5 book study.  We have learned so much reading your posts.  We are truly enjoying the summer reading and sounds like everyone else is too! 

We are sharing our Daily 5 or should I say...Daily 8... materials on our TEACHERS NOTEBOOK SHOP. 

Literacy Folder Cover

Use this poster to hang in the designated work area or clip where students go to work

Hang this poster in area to remind the students of the rules

This sheet goes in the student's literacy folder to help keep track of where he/she has been

Please stop by to check them ALL out {by clicking here}.  They are FREE!   Clip art is by Melon Headz...LUV~LUV~LUV!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! 
Amber & LuAnn


  1. Thank you for the posters! They are so cute.

  2. You are welcome....Teresa! I noticed that when I changed the forms to PDF that the bottom line did not appear on the poster. You will have to draw the line to make it look like a box. SORRY! I wish I was smart enough to figure out why it does that once in a some of my picture posts going sideways!!! Amber


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