Friday, July 6, 2012

Sizzling Summer Tip # 10

Have a "SPECIAL" shelf to display photos of the children's family AND PETS. 

My dad had to put his dog...his sleep yesterday.  Niko was very special to our family and great comfort to my dad after my mom passed a couple of years ago.  I have seen a "special" shelf posted before on the internet and after all the emotions I have been feeling the last couple of days, it reminds me how important families AND PETS are to our little kiddos!   

Our Niko...Isn't he handsome!?! 

In the beginning of the school year, I am going to ask my students to send in a framed family photo.  They can also bring in a framed photo their pets, too!  I will display photos at a the student's eye level.  When the students see the photos, they will feel more connected to their families during the day. 

Of course...I can I make this academically motivating to my students.  The students can write about the pictures that are displayed, graph how many boys or girls, graph the different animals, add or subtract family members.  Also, if the pets' names are displayed on the frames the students can use letters to build the names. 

I cannot wait to share pictures of my kindergarten classroom and this "special" shelf with all of you when the school year starts! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

Summer Rocks,



  1. I definitely want to do a shelf of family pictures this year! I think that's an awesome idea & it will make everything more cozy & have the kids feel more at home. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I am so sorry about Nikko, he was so handsome. There is nothing like the love of a dog...and sharing a bed with one. The golden doodle is currently kicking me as I type!


  3. That is funny...Greg. My dads best friends have a golden doodle and they are going to bread her. We were just saying that is the dog my dad should get. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it! Amber

  4. I think the title of my shelf will be...WE ARE FAMILY! You are just singing that song in your head now...right? Doesn't matter how old you know that song! HE HE HE

  5. I have a shelf in my room, too! I take the pictures at open house and have them up when the parents come to drop the kids off the first day! I think it says, "We are a team!" Love it! :)

  6. So sad about Niko :-( He was an important part of your family and brought comfort to you all in so many ways!

    I LOVE the special shelf I just will need your help setting up my classroom again this year...haha LuAnn (your very lucky friend)

  7. Oh gosh Amber I am so sorry. Cindy from In the Teacher's Lounge had to put her dog down and is devastated too. Pets make us better people and kids need to learn how to respect and love their pets.
    I wish I could hug you.
    Lunch next year at I Teach K with your partner-it's a date! I will miss you both.
    Love, Fran


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