Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sizzling Summer Tip # 7

Writing With Kinders!

Modeled Writing ~ Writing to Children
Our students need to see us write daily. In modeled writing, the teacher models the writing process, talking out loud as he/she writes. For example, Daily News

Shared Writing ~ Writing with Children
The teacher guides the children through the writing process. The children help contribute ideas on what to write but the teacher is still in control of the pen. For example, letters, lists, messages, stories.

Interactive Writing ~ Writing with Children
The teacher and children decide on a topic together and "share a pen". You must know your students and their abilities. Invite children to come up and help write letters and sight words they know.
For example, write about a shared activity....walk to the post office together.

Independent Writing ~ Writing by Children
This is the time when children write in their journals. The children write in their journals daily.

I hope when you read this you were thinking...I know that...I know that....I know that....I know that.  See how SMART you are.  If anything...I bet it was a nice refresher for you!

Summer Rocks,

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  1. Hi! I am preparing a post and I used a picture of your birthday balloons (giving you credit and linking it back to the post, of course). If this is a problem, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately. I'm not up to date on blog protocol yet! I'm planning on posting it tomorrow.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and great ideas! You inspire me! :)


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