Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sizziling Summer Tip # 8

One of the most important tools for teaching math for kindergarten is math manipulatives.  Manipulatives provide a hands-on learning that allow young children to be able to understand the math concepts being taught and make learning those concepts fun.

I have a variety of math manipulatives in my classroom from bears, farm animals, foam shapes, buttons, mini car toys, pom~poms, links, unifix cubes, etc. 

You can teach many concepts with a handful of manipulatives. 
First ~ count how many
Second ~ sort the manipulatives by color 
Third ~ say the color names
Fourth ~ which color has the most, the least, and the same amount
Fifth ~ add or subtract the two colors together

Other ideas to teach with manipulatives: shapes, time, weight, temperature, fractions, etc. 

Using math manipulatives can be fun and easy.  I believe it is a great VISUAL tool to use with your students!  WHAT MATH MANTIPULATIVES DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR CLASSROOM? 
Summer Rocks,


  1. We use a lot of junk boxes, pattern blocks, teddy bear counters, links, unifix cubes. I learned at my Math Common Core training that keeping the same standard and just changing the manipulatives will change the strategy. So we can keep the same standard several days just put in different manipulatives.

  2. In addition to pattern blocks, bear counters, and unifix cubes, I have boxes filled with pompoms, theme erasers, plastic hearts/jewels, stones, rubber insects, large beads, etc. My first introduction to using manipulatives in Math was through teaching Math Their oldie, but a goodie!

    The math block is one of my favorite times of each day!


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