Saturday, February 11, 2012


"Let Us "Snow" If You're Here!" is a Notebook 10 file that can be used as a fun way to take attendance!

Enjoy this freebie which can be downloaded from our TN Shop.
Click Here for the link to the FREEBIE!


  1. I'm trying my littles how to use the Smartboard so this will help.

  2. Billi, we am glad to hear this can help you with your kiddos learning how to use the SMARTBoard. My students use it every day and LOVE it! They get SO excited if we use the SMARTBoard because they know that means they get to do an interactive activity. The hardest part for them is keeping even pressure to move objects, so this attendance activity will be a great help! Enjoy and let us know how it goes! LuAnn

  3. I cannot wait to try this out!

    I may have to come to you to see how to upload a Smartboard doc onto your blog or Google Docs.

    I have a foam toy and a tennis ball my kiddos use to help them move things on the really helps out!

    Heather's Heart


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