Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sight Words & Nonsense Words...2 of our favorite things!

Sight words do not follow commonly taught phonics rules and cannot be sounded out.  The only way a child can read these words is to recognize them by sight.  Knowing the sight words by heart will also make a faster and fluent reader. 

If children have to sound out every word, reading becomes so hard and slow that children might want to give up, or if not, they will have a difficult time comprehending what they are reading.  Learning high frequency words by sight helps children build confidence and fluency in their reading, and thus, reading becomes easier and makes more sense.

All I have to say is that learning to read is a lot of work...especially at the age of kindergarteners!  Here are some things I enjoy doing in my classroom to drill these sight words into their growing brains.

On the way out the door to recess or specials the students will say the sight word on my hand and then give me a high five for getting it right (with or without help)! 

My intention was to have the hand  a little bit bigger...but the kiddos still love it!  I will be posting the hand print freebie in the next couple of days!

The special student of the day gets to wear this extra special hat.  The student will choose the sight word he/she wants to wear for the day.  At some point in the day the students will have to say the sight word on the hat to the special student or....the student will come looking for your to say the word to him/her!

My favorite...and the students, too!  I call it the M&M Game.  It is just like "Hangman"...but I choose not to use those words with the kiddos.  I use this game to introduce new sight words or play it then we have a few extra minutes.  You could probably come up with something cuter than my drawing.  This is what I drew the first time and it has stuck with me.  You woud be surprised how many times the students figure out the word before I draw the letter M in the middle. 

Each day the students enter the classroom he/she has to whisper the "Secret Password" in my ear.  I start this the first day of school.  The students get into a nice routine of not entering the classroom if I am busy with another teacher, student, or parent. 

I have also added a couple of pictures of my students from one of our sight word powerpoints.  I take a picture of each student (and me) holding a sight word card and build a power point to share with the kiddos.  Sometimes we will see how fast we can go through all the words and sometimes we will stop at the color words and sing the color song (by Frog Street it!) and if we know the little song~chant~ditty~dance from Heidi Songs (LOVE HER, TOO!) we will perform it all together. 

I just posted our Robotic Nonsense Unit on Teachers Notebook.  Check it out!  My kiddos had so much fun with this unit and LEARNED A LOT, TOO!


  1. Love the idea of getting the kids to hold the words for the powerpoint!
    Mrs. Plant's Press

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  3. Love all the ideas... especially the Powerpoint idea! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Carried Away in Kindergarten

  4. Awesome ideas! I currently teach fourth grade but am hoping to move to kindergarten next year. I am going to try the "high five hand" in my lowest intervention group! Thanks!

    I have recently started my own classroom blog. Please visit me at If you have any suggestions for things I can do better, please comment and let me know! I am new to this and need all the help that I can get!

  5. such wonderful ideas....I pinned it all.

  6. This is great! I have a Words on the Bus *freebie* that my kiddos love! I would love for you to come check it out!

    Heather's Heart

  7. Love these cool sight word ideas! I love your super cute blog too! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to come visit me too if you like :0)

    ­Kindergarten Lifestyle

    Kindergarten Lifestyle Facebook Fan Page

  8. Y'alls blog is so cute!

    Thank you for sharing and making such a difference. =)

    Heather's Heart

  9. These are great ideas for creating fun, exciting ways to practice sight words. My wheels are turning as to how I can adapt these to use at home. I will be taking a year leave from my teaching job (6th grade Science teacher) to help my son, just turned 5, who is on the Autistic spectrum. He is highly functional but in order to be able to focus on his social skills and other struggles, I want him to be advanced in the other areas like sight words. If you have any great ideas for teaching writing of letters/numbers, please send my way. He also struggles with perfection...thus getting 'stuck' when his letter K doesn't turn out perfectly as he believes it should.


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