Thursday, December 29, 2011

SNOW JOKE....I have to remove MOST of my freebies!

Ya...I got SNOW JOKE saying from Ms.&M's Blog post.  Too cute!

I have such a heavy heart doing this.  I LOVE to share with all the amazing teachers in the blog world. 

I learned that DJ Inkers has changed their terms of use. You are no longer allowed to share documents that contain DJI clip art or font on your blog or site. My understanding was that it was alright as long as it was in PDF format and you were not profiting from it. That is no longer the case. You can post a picture of what you create, but not allowed to share the final product.  I kind of "get it"...but still feel there could be another way!
I am so bummed!  So...I wanted to be nice and let you know that you have until tomorrow to "grab" my freebies that contain D.J. Inkers on here and on my Shutterfly teaching website.  I cannot get to my computer until then...lucky you!  Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I know that KMP DOODLES has amazing doodle clip art that I can use! 


  1. That's unfortunate! Thanks for giving everyone a head's up. :) More money towards KPM Doodles way...

  2. Did you contact them personally? Do we have to remove previous items? That seems weird?????? We should be able to leave up freebies that we posted under the different TOUs.


  3. I agree it's horrible and I think there's going to be a Dj inkers backlash. I would believe that if you purchased something under different TOU, it should only apply to those who purchased it recently when it was changed. Thanks for giving the heads up!

  4. I agree with Rachelle. Can you all give a shout out for someone with a law perspective to clarify?

    Thanks for giving us a heads-up; your things are adorable!!

  5. No need to remove your items! I contacted them directly! Email me if you'd like to see the email they replied with!


  6. Oh, I so need to email Rachelle because removing all of the items would be a pain!! I love DJInkers~



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