Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Bit of THIS and A Little Bit of THAT

Just spent the weekend with my best friend who has taught 5th grade for 25 years and was told she is going to kindergarten next year.  Wahoo for me - Bahoo for her!  I can't wait to "teach" her everything I have learned in the past 6 years.  She was an AMAZING 5th grade teacher and I know she will learn to enjoy the challenges ahead and singing all day long!  HE HE HE 

As I was doing my weekend cleaning today I couldn't help but think....I need a new vaccum, I could use a dish washer, how do I wash the outside windows in our new home, the worst thing in the world to do is put away laundry, etc.  Too bad I didn't make enough money as a teacher to hire a maid!  

While my 2 year old son was playing with a frog we found - I decided to get a little blog time out of my system.  I can't help but share what I found.  Kreative in Kindergarten posted her favorites of the year in a smilebox show.  LOVE IT!  We have 9 more days of school left, and I will be posting my favorites of the year soon! 

Finally....why can't my college credit course be as much fun as blog surfing!?!


1 comment:

  1. With you at my side helping me along, I have confidence that my "bahoos" will turn into "wahoos" - haha

    I am lucky to have such an AMAZING BEST FRIEND that just so happens to be an AMAZING K Teacher! Lucky ME! Let the challenges begin!


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