Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Thematic Centers

I really enjoy this time of the year when we can talk about valentines and friendship (even though I have to try to also fit in Presidents' Day, Groundhog Day, and 100 days of school.)


  1. I LOVE some of these ideas! Are you planning on sharing any of the printables for this theme?

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!


  2. My goal is to have the ones I have uploaded for you by Saturday night. I might even learn how to post them to my blog so you don't have to search for them on my teaching website.

  3. Awesome!! Thanks so much, it's very generous of you.

  4. Oooohhhh Mrs. Osterman, guess where I'll be Saturday night??? (on your site :) )
    Thanks so very very much!!

  5. I have scanned and downloaded the valentine sheets under the theme section on my teaching website.
    I hope they turn out!

  6. If you would like a copy of the Valentine Happy book you will have to order it from It is not the expensive and it comes with a book for each holiday/theme for the year. I LOVE it and so do my kids!

  7. The rainbow heart center. I cut out squares on pieces of construction paper. Color and size listed below.
    Red - 12*12
    Orange - 9*9
    Yellow - 7*7
    Green - 6*6
    Blue - 5*5
    Purple - 4*4
    The students will use heart tracers for each color.

  8. I have been searching all weekend for scribbles n dots so that I can purchase the Valentine Happy book. My computer keeps saying sever is down. Is there a new name for the site. Is the book no longer available? How could I get it.
    Signed desperate K Teacher

    Almarene Lowndes-


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