Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweets "R" Us

During the month of February, I turn my dramatic area into a candy shop called, Sweets "R" Us.  The students use real coins to buy differnet kinds of candy and valentine cards. 



  1. I love the way you set up the shop! Very cute! Could you give more information about how you do the sweet shop? Do your students earn the money? Is the money just kept in the shop for use during centers? I want to know more about how you run the sweet shop. :D

  2. This is the first year that I am doing a sweet shop. I usually make it into a post office and the students can write to their friends. The students will start with a sheet (last picture above) and a little cup that has coins in it. All the cups have differnet amounts of coins. For example, a cup may be filled with 3 dimes, 2 pennies, 4 quarters, and 3 nickels in it. This is the money they can spend to purchase "sweet" treats. I will also give the students 5 one dollar bills to to buy valentine cards. Note-All items are to be put back at the end of center time for the students use the next day. On the right side of the sheet, the students write how many of each item they are purchasing. The students take turns being the teller in the center. Next year, I am going to make cute little shopping bags they can hold all the items in they are going to buy. I hope this helps!


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