Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Secret Password

 When "Bonnie Kathryn Teaching" shares a post on her facebook page with a picture from your classroom...ya better blog about it again...right!?!

This is a picture of my "Secret Password" that is outside my classroom door this school year.  IN LOVE!
In the past...I would change the picture to go with one of the themes that I was teaching each month.  Beginning teacher ~ who stayed at school way to much.  HA!  
This is the "Secret Password" when my classroom was a camping theme for the year.  The password was on marshmallows!

Let me tell you a little about the
"Secret Password"...

This is a great way to reinforce concepts being learned in the classroom.
Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Letters, Sight Words, etc.
You can differentiate too...Some students will tell you the sight word, spell the sight word, &/or use it in a sentence.

You will make a personal connection for the start of the day with each child.
How great is that!?!?  


  1. That is really good and creative idea, it surely gets attention of classroom as they think of some secret is being shared with them. Great post, thanks for sharing it with us

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