Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Power Readers

Our "Power Readers" are a great opportunity to practice reading high frequency words in context. 
The students took turns reading the
sentence out loud to their friends.
Then the class would
"echo read" the sentence. 
The students also worked on the
importance of pointing to words!
We recalled items in the "Power Reader"
and sounded out words together.
They could not wait to have a chance.
It made my heart smile!

At the end of the PowerPoint...there are simple questions to review phonemic awareness skills with the students. 

Then each student receives their own copy of the slideshow in the form of a little reader.  
The students had to highlight the word "This" in each sentence.  It was so nice seeing them work so hard at coloring their pictures.  
The students got to take home the emergent reader for further reinforcement!

If you would like to try "Power Readers"
in your classroom...CLICK RIGHT HERE!

CLICK HERE for Bundle #1

CLICK HERE for Bundle # 2


  1. I absolutely love this!! Would you ever consider a bundle that includes both bundles? Or a growing bundle? Or even possibly a bundle includes both the mini books and the power points? Just some ideas. Thanks again for sharing:-)

  2. Great use of the smart board . I love the combo of ppt and booklet. Thanks!

  3. Good discussion ! Incidentally , if someone is searching for a CA DE 24 , my company edited a template form here


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