Friday, May 1, 2015

"SELFIE" ~ End-Of-The-Year Bulletin Board

With the end of the school year near, why not let your kiddos remember the school year that is all about them.  A selfie!  The students painted a smartphone, took a “SELFIE”, and then wrote about their favorite place to be in our kindergarten classroom. 
I like the art center because I can make pretty pictures. 

I like the art center because I get to
make things with my friends. 

I like the art center because you can
create whatever you want. 

I like the reading corner because
I love to read dinosaur books.

I like the art center because
I like to make pictures for my mom!

I like the writing table because I get to write stories. 

I like journals because I can write about unicorns. 

If you would LOVE to use this 
with your kiddos...CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading!
Amber & LuAnn


  1. TO HAVE OR NOT TO HAVE YOUR KIDDOS TOUCH YOUR PHONE...It was really tricky to do this! I held the phone and commanded them to look up a little, chin down, eyes up because they were looking at the button they were trying to press on my phone. I held the phone and they pressed the button. I tried really hard to have a little of their favorite place in the back ground....which was tricky to do and try to get their adorable faces! I think we took about 100 pictures but a lot of laughs!

  2. I love this and plan on doing it with my students. It goes right along with our technology goal which is to have them take a picture with an IPad. I have 2 questions. Did you have template for the background that they paint, and what are the dots for? I don't see the dots in your pictures. Is that the phone template?

  3. Just realized how to get a reply, so if anyone has a reply for the above question, please reply here. :)

  4. Now, I think I know. The dots are for individual home button!s

  5. Stefanie....I just had the students paint a piece of construction paper that is 11 * 17, When the paint was dry they rounded the edges. The circles are to make it look like a iphone/smartphone. HOPE this helps! Your students will enjoy doing it!

  6. Wow!! How great article on kid’s favourite place in their kindergarten. Well you know my daughter also loves art centre in her Phoenix preschool, as she love doing art since she was 2 years old. Now she can make pretty paintings and pictures.

  7. Love the selfie idea in their favorite classroom spot!

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