Monday, June 2, 2014

Partner Readers ~ Read to Someone

When we think of “Read To Someone”…we think of TAKING TURNS READING.  We do not get enough time in our KINDERGARTEN classroom to take turns while playing….so why not do it during your daily 5/reading time. 

The students can help each other become GOOD READERS.  A FRIEND is the best person to help the reader with tricky words.   They can reread the “Partner Readers” many times to practice fluency and voice.  When they are finished they can retell three things they read in the story to build comprehension early in their reading. 

The student on the left (reader 1) is reading her highlighted sentence.
The student on the right (reader 2) is reading her highlighted sentence. 

Close up picture of the pages!

You can check out these "Partner Readers" in our TpT Shop.  # 3 will be free until the end of the weekend!

Thanks for reading,
Amber & LuAnn

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