Saturday, May 3, 2014

What's All This Nonsense About Teaching Nonsense Words!?!

It's enough to drive a kinder-teacher mad...when they say it is not important or right!   With the latest post being shared on facebook from Fox News in mind, we have put our Robotic Nonsense Unit on sale in our TpTTN Shop!   
Using NONSENSE words in the classroom is fundamentally the right thing to do!  Our little kiddos need to be able to break apart AND blend together these “SiLlY” words to be able to help with decode words in their reading.  You cannot just teach common words (dog, cat, pig) to little kiddos because so many of them are recognized instantly when they get the hang of reading that it is hard to teach the students segmenting and blending. 
Examples of our Robotic Nonsense PowerPoint in our Unit!

Fluency strips included for each vowel!

Nonsense word search sheets.

Melt Down Nonsense Word Game! avoid being the player who is holding the melted robot at the end of the game.

Using letters in the alphabet to create "real" or "nonsense" words!

Play memory matching the "real" word to the RHYMING "nonsense" word.
We believe that repetitive practice allows them to master this skill, which reinforces the concept of blending successfully.  Just our experience...and it works!  

If you are still reading...THANKS BUNCHES!  We would LOVE for you to have this Robotic Nonsense Unit in your classroom, too. Leave a comment below and we will choose three winners Sunday night! 

Amber & LuAnn


  1. I love that the robot theme can be used year round! Great product!

  2. This looks fun and engaging!!

  3. I just love the robot theme and so will all the boys in my class (16 of them )

  4. I agree that nonsense words help with blending, segmenting, and decoding words. The boys in my class will love the robots!

  5. Thanks for defending what we do and for the chance to win.

  6. I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open when I read that article. I would love to have this unit to support with nonsense words to help kids learn to blend when they read! :)


  7. I love the robot theme! This would be great practice and very engaging!!


  8. Wonderful product! Having the littles decode nonsense words shows if they are able to transfer what has been taught.

  9. We are learning and teaching about nonsense words! I love the look of this! I think the kids will love it! Here's hoping!! :)Amy

  10. Would love to win this unit.

  11. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, Ladies! Keep your fingers may be a winner soon!

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