Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Eight/Ate The Bug Game

Need a brainy break in your classroom day!?!  Play the game, "I Eight The Bug!" with your kiddos.  Very simple! Watch the video....

During the game I DO NOT have the students wearing the frog masks.  I just thought it would be a"FROG-TASTIC" way to disguise them to share this game with you!  HE HE HE

How to play:
  • The students will stand in a circle.
  • Choose a student to start the game with the stuffed bug and he/she will say, "I one the bug".
  • Then the student will pass the bug to the next student and he/she will say, "I two the bug".
  • Play continues until a student says, "I Eight/Ate the bug!" and that student will sit down.  
  • Continue game until one student is standing.  

P.S.  I happen to have a stuffed bug in my classroom.  You can use any little stuffed animal to play with in your game just change the saying.  For example...if you have cow you can say "I one the cow". 

Enjoy & Give Yourself A Hug!  


  1. That is so sweet of you! Glad you like it !!!

  2. Did I hear the young man say, "I'm gonna lose."? Wow What wonderful math skills he has accomplished! Thanks for posting a video. Some of us are visual learners!

  3. You guys are the best. I love the way you think! I cannot wait to see you this summer! WOOHOO!


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