Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sticky Letters & Facebook Fan Freebie

Every word must have a vowel....."shhhhhh"....does not...but my kids have not figured that out yet! HE HE HE

First, I gave each student a magazine or newspaper.  I had the students race to find a word that does not have a vowel.  Remember…”y is sometimes a vowel”!

Next, the students made a word with die cut letters on the worksheet and then colored in if it was a real or nonsense word.   I think the hardest part was gluing the letters the correct way!

Finally, using the words their friends made, the students completed the second worksheet by writing the real and nonsense words in the correct box.   
You can get this FREEBIE by going to OUR FACEBOOK page and grabbing our FAN FREEBIE!


Check out THE TEACHER WIFE blog for her aMAzInG freebie to go with your vowel units.
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We're A-E-I-O-U,
We're the vowels!
We're the glue,
To stick the words together,
We're very sticky letters!

We're very sticky,
very icky, sticky-icky letters!

Thank you and Happy Teaching!
Amber & LuAnn


Julie said...

I love the sticky letter with die-cuts! So cute!

Maeve said...

Adorable, but I'm having trouble accessing on facebook!

We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

Maeve...I got it to work...kind of! You should be able to download it now! THANKS!

connie said...

Facebook is telling me that I need a certain number of friends must like this in order to make it available for download.
I would love a copy - so any help is greatly appreciated!

We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

Hmmm...I wonder why some people can get it and some cannot. I will not give up!

antkteacher said...

I would like a copy !! I am on the a school computer so not sure if that is why - Facebook message - need a certain number of friends must like this in order to make it available for download.

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