Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Star Letter Punch Card Unit

We have a lot of teachers THANKING us for our "Star Word Cards" that we use in our classrooms.  Here are some of the quotes, "My kids love them and the parents do too....Oh my, incredible...It is real easy to keep the kids motivated to learn their "Star Words" by using the cards...So thorough and well-planned...My kinders are learning new words and enjoying the process. Even my strugglers have picked up on some words and are motivated to learn more. Thanks!"

We thought it would be great to have "Star Letter Cards", too!  I personally cannot wait to use this unit with my 4K kiddos!!!    

This is one of the homework teaching tools that we could NOT live without! And....now you can have it in your classroom, too! 

As an incentive to learn letters, each student is given a "punch star card" to track which letters they have mastered. These cards are sure to be a big hit with your students. The greatest thing is this homework tool is self-paced! 

This unit contains a zipped file, which contains:
• Star Word punch cards for Upper~case, Lower~case, and Beginning Sounds
• Flashcards to send home for practice
• An assessment sheet for record-keeping
With each "star card" the student will get a set of flashcards to add to their ring of letters to practice and when mastered he/she will get a star burst for their hard work! 
We have used these cards in our Kindergarten classrooms for the past three years with fantastic results for mastery of the Pre-primer, Primer, and (even some) First-Grade Sight Words. 

Our children are so excited about the Star Word punch cards that they keep working on them until the last week of school… no kidding!

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P.S. Here is a picture of my son, Cayden's (4K), grocery list.  I was such a proud mommy when he wrote this all by himself...that I bought him everything on the list!  
milk, salami, pop, waffles, yogurt, ravioli 

Enjoy the rest of your break and Happy 2014!
Amber & LuAnn

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