Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kiss Your Brain & Freebie!

I love to sing the song, "Kiss Your Brain" by Dr. Jean...with my kiddos.  This year when I catch my students working extra hard on his/her work I will tell them to go and kiss their brain.  When they get 5 kisses on their brain...they get 3 real Hershey Kisses for their AMAZING effort!

The kisses are attached by Velcro dots.

The students can choose between "KISSES" or "HERSHEY KISSES"!

I made it into a classroom book.  Here is the cover. 

Other Ideas... 
Have you heard of  The Polka Dot Patch !?!  I believe she can make this 'SWEET" thing for you!  I would probably eat everyone of those kisses myself...while planning for my kiddos!  It just even makes them look yummier!!!

After singing "Dr. Jean’s Kiss Your Brain" song, Vanessa Levin of Carrollton Texas makes this darling class~made book. A wonderful way to greet your children each morning!

Don't forget to check out Dr. Jean's website by clicking {here}!

Click {RIGHT HERE} for your "Kiss Your Brain" Freebie!  Enjoy some sweetness!  

I am off to Denver, Colorado this weekend for a Love & Logic training.  I am so excited...2 more sleeps!  

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love the kiss your brain pictures and system! I have said kiss your brain because I picked up on it when I was observing a classroom! I love that there is a song too! Thanks for sharing :)

    Katelin's Kreative Kindergarten


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