Monday, September 16, 2013

Who stole...who took...the cookies? and freebie!

To learn our friends names we are learning the song...Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar.  Do you use "stole" or "took"? in your classroom.  Just curious!  I wanted to share the interactive chart I made to use with the kiddos.  I have the cookies in a zip lock bag on the back of the chart.  The kiddos LOVE reaching into the jar and grabbing someone's name to sing.

I used pictures of students with my 4K kiddos!
Here is a closer look at this handsome 4K son...Cayden.  He goes to school in another building in our district.  My husband and I felt it would be best if he was not in my classroom.  HE HE HE  Do I ever wish I could see him walking down the halls!!!

I used names of students with my 5K kiddos! 
 If you noticed in the picture above....
My 5K kiddos made Miss Viola Swamp from Julie Lee's Unit.  
Click {here} to get yours now.  
We also did Deanna Jump's The Wheels on the Bus Freebie. is free!  
Click {right here}  to get your now!  

Have to share his precious smile again....Cayden on his first day to 4K!  
Please {click right here for your freebie!}  I have also included printouts to make a classroom made book.  I will share mine later this week! 

ThANkS fOr ReAdINg!  Amber  


  1. I love your stuff! Looks great! :)

  2. Hi-- I like this activity! Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to picture the cookies in a ziploc bag behind the cookie jar. Can you post a pic of that? Or email me @ ? Thank you

  3. Thanks Julie!

    Pam...I will hang the jar at the students level. When I tape it up I make sure that is not flat to the wall. The jar will stick out from the wall a bit. (To do this put the tape rolls closer together) There is a zip loc bag taped on the backside almost to the top of the jar. I used a quart size and it worked fine for my kiddos to reach into. Does this make sense!?! Enjoy!

  4. Thanks for clarifying... Do you have the pattern of the cookie jar to be enlarged?

  5. Sorry...Pam...I just eyeballed it! Believe it or not...I got it on my first try! Amber

  6. Wow- that's great, I'm not talented like that. But I think I can find a pattern. Thanks again for sharing!


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