Thursday, August 1, 2013

Giveaway & Posiitve Thoughts Needed!

Congratulations to Robin .B. for winning our "Best From The Midwest" giveaway!  

Sorry I have not posted anything recently.  Who gets a cold in the summer...I do!  It is horrible & it is not going away.  Sore throat (can't even swallow without tears), ear aches (in both ears), coughing (lose my breath every time I try to cough)....Oh My!  
This is exactly how I feel trying to type this post.
Positive thoughts that this will go away soon!  

Congratulations Robin.  Thanks for blog hopping!



  1. Amber, SO SORRY YOU ARE SICK. :( I hope you are feeling better so soon. That is awful- anytime-but for some reason especially in summer. I'm sending you some love and positive, healthy thoughts! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. Carolyn...thanks for your kind words. I am hanging in there! Trying to make the best of what is left of summer! I am sure I will get rid of this cold and get my fall allergies! FUN~FUN!

  3. Amber, I hope you get to feeling better! I just love your ideas! I have been looking all over your blog to find the star coloring poster and cannot find it anywhere! Do you still have that available?


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