Saturday, May 18, 2013

Star Light, Star Bright - I Want to Practice "My Star Words" Tonight!

We have a lot of teachers asking us about our "Star Cards" that we use in our classroom.   This is one of the homework teaching tools that we could NOT live without! you can have it in your classroom, too!  

As an incentive to learn high frequency words each student is given a "punch star card" to track which star words they have mastered.  The greatest part is that  this homework tool is self-paced!  

Each student will start with “star card” #1.  Also, a set of high frequency word flashcards will be sent home with each student to keep and practice with their parents.  The greatest thing is this homework tool is self-paced! 

Once a student has all of the star words punched on their card, they will receive the next set of flashcards and “punch card”.  It is your choice to give a little treat for mastering each card.  We use a Starburst™ as a reward!

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We have used these cards in our Kindergarten classrooms for the past two years with fantastic results for mastery of the Pre-primer, Primer, and (even some) First-Grade Sight Words. 
Our children are so excited about the Star Word punch cards that they keep working on them until the last week of school… no kidding! If you're interested in these units, you can find them in our TPT & Teachers Notebook shops!  Just click on the links above!!! 

Thanks bunches for reading!  
Amber & LuAnn


  1. Are there any assessments then in the classroom on these words? Is there any consequence for students that do not progress through the punch cards?

    My 1st/2nd class uses the sight words as well, but I'm not really happy with the system we've been using. I think my kids could really enjoy this!

  2. Heather, yes there is an assessment sheet provided with each set. When the student feels they have mastered the words on the card, I have them read each word to me and punch the words that they get correct. Each time I assess, I make them read the words from the previous cards as well to make sure they have those words "mastered" and not just memorized. Once the other students see one or two kids getting a new star card (and treat), the other students want to get a new card, too. This system is in addition to other sight word work we do with our reading program and through writing. I do not give a consequence for those students that do not progress. Typically, it isn't their fault that no one is working with them at home. However, I try to help them out to get them past star card one, so they have that feeling of accomplishment. I might also write a reminder to the parent. Usually, that is all it takes to get a large percentage of my students involved. Hope that helps! LuAnn and Amber

  3. Would you be able to make a set for the Reading Street Word Wall Words? I attended your workshops in Madison the last two days an enjoyed them very much!


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