Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friends like you make life "SPARKLE"!

Each year you search for the that one special person to come to your school and inspire the students....I could not have been in a better place at the right time.  I met Debbie Clement (again) at the UW~Stout  35th Early Childhood Conference this past weekend.  With open arms...she came to our school and put on the most amazing  performance.  She kept our students engaged AT ALL TIMES! 

One student...who thinks EVERYTHING is boring and he is not going to learn a thing said on the way out of Debbie's assembly...Mrs. Teacher please tell me she is coming back again!  

Here is the greatest news....she is the opening keynote speaker at the I teach K SDE conference in Vegas.  LuAnn & I were not going to go to the conference until July 2014...but we might have to have a couple bake sales or lemonade stands to fund our trip this year!  You don't want to miss her!  Click {right here}to learn more about it! 

If you would like Debbie Clement to come to your school.  Click {right here} to learn about all her workshops!  "Basically what I am telling you is get Debbie to your school NOW!" Quote by Greg at Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  Greg also blogged about Debbie Clement.  If Greg blogged about her...she is something!!!  Click {here} to check out A Kindergarten Smorgasboard post on a Day of AWESOMENESS!

You can have Debbie in your classroom tomorrow. {right here now}to go to her TPT shop.  Debbie's books are AMAZING and the lyrics she has to go along with those songs are BEAUTIFUL!  Your kids will LOVE these songs!  I am going to use the song "Glad I'm At School"  each morning to start out each day on a positive note! 

You have to take the time to check out Debbie's blog.  Click {right here} to go to Rainbows Within Reach!  THANK YOU Debbie for your words, your music, your heart, and your time.  

Thanks for reading, Amber


  1. BTW...I got this special post up before the weekend because of our lovely SNOW DAY...YES...SNOW DAY in May! It's all good...because on Sunday it is supposed to be 80 again!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Amber it was such a complete joy to spend time in your building -- with your students and your fellow teachers. Thanks so much for sharing my adventures with the wider world.

    Seeing you in WI, Greg in TN and Carie in IL makes quite the kinder-blogger trifecta!

    You're the BEST!!!! Hope that your year concludes with great joy.

    Debbie Clement

    P.S. I'm going to LuANN in da mornin'!!!!!!!!


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