Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do you paint T-shirts for 100 Days? (Freebie, too!)

100 Days of school....this idea is so cool!  Mrs. Ramseier came up with the greatest idea that is so kid friendly...which makes the kiddos a little more independent...and THAT IS WHAT WE STRIVE we can drink our diet coke!  HA HA HA  work with other students one-on-one! 

 Go to your local Family Dollar or General Store and buy some cheap car mats.  Use an exacto knife to cut out 2 - 4 different designs.  Then the students have fun sponge painting their shirts! 


How cute it is!  School Specialty has some colorful Acrylic (Facbric) paint. 
We are 100 days brighter!  

Don't forget to add their name on the back!   The students love it!!! Yes...I know...all capital letters in their name!?!  Please forgive me!   

 Click {here}  for your Fruity Fun Freebie!

 Click {right here} for your Roll to 100 Freebie!

 Click {right here now} for your 100 Things Booklet Freebie!

100 Day Recording Sheet
On 100 Days of school, the students can choose where they would like to go and learn.  The centers are set up all day.  After they finish each area they mark it off with a little sticker! 

I hope the rest of your year is as FABULOUS as your first 100 days of school! 


  1. Love your idea of using the car mats- so creative! Thanks for all the freebies. Sounds as if you had a fun day! We had our 100th day on Tuesday but I will definitely use these next year. Thanks!

  2. We make 100 day shirts!! I do the back and the kids do the front!! SUPER Cute!! Let me know if you want to see a picture!! I wish I had a better way to share!!


  3. How cute!!!!! My kiddos would love doing this!!!



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