Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Snow" Much Fun Building Sentences

My class LOVES sentence scrambles....and what a great idea to do it together as a class.

I took a little spaceman that my students use and blew it up in color.  
Click {here}  for a black and white copy of the spaceman. 

When LuAnn and I were presenting in Indy at the SDE I Teach K Conference we were able to sit in on a session presented by Linda Scheuer.  I could not wait to go back to my classroom and do with my kiddos.  They LOVED it! 

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy your New Year!!!


  1. My students love this activity as well! I use a small stuffed animal of an astronaut when I write sentences on the easel or smartboard, I love that you incorporated that into the sentence scramble! What an awesome idea!

    A Turn to Learn

  2. So cute. Just shared the Spaceman idea with a colleague - so simple, yet brilliant!