Friday, October 5, 2012

Monsterous Sight Words

We are going to be doing Monster Centers at the end of October.  Most of our math & reading activities are from Julie Lee's Monster Unit.  Click {here} to go to her blog and check them out!  My bestie, Miss Neuenschwander, sure comes up with the most creative centers for our little kiddos in kindergarten.  (She was meant to be in Kinderland!)  Here are some pictures of our sight word center ~ How Many Monsterous Sight Words in the Closet? 

The top closet is a picture of it shut.  I used a little piece of velcro to keep it closed.  The bottom closet is the closet open.  (I bet you are kidding!?! but for some reason I feel I should explain this picture.) We used the same sight word in the closet with different fonts.  We also used the word "the" as upper-case and lower-case. 

The students will open the closet door, write the sight word they see, count how many times it is written, and record their answer.

Click {right here}  to go to our Teachers Notebook for the worksheet.  Making the creepy & cute closets are all on your own fun~time!  

Thank you, 


  1. Fantastic! This is so awesome! I am definitely going to make these adorable little sight word doors! Thanks for the idea and for the response sheet!


  2. What a creative way to teach counting and sight words at the same time.

  3. love it! my mom's maiden name is Neuenschwander. Don't hear that one every day. Wonder if they're any relation?...

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