Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sizzling Summer Tip # 5

Gift Ideas For Parents

Besieged by their children's requests for trendy gifts, parents might appreciate suggestions for gifts that would be suitable to each child's skills and interests.  With a little research, you can compile a list of and then choose five or six ideas for each student. 

The possiblities for gift ideas might include some of the following:
Fine Motor Coordination: mazes, jigsaw puzzles, children's carpentry tools, art materials, craft kits, building sets.

Language Arts: books or story record (suggest titles or themes for particular children), word-building games, magazine subscription, diary or blank book for journal writing, children's cookbook.

Math and Science: inexpensive calculator, compass, protractor, calendar, indoor.outdoor thermometer, planting kit. 

Send the gift ideas home with each student (in a plain sealed envelope to discourage curious eyes) or mail them.  Be srue to enclose a brief cover letter assuring parents that the ideas are meant to be helpful suggestions, not mandatory purchases. 
Resource: Learning Magazine's Superbook of Teacher Tips

Summer Rocks,

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  1. Never thought of giving them gift suggestions-I bet they would really love that! Thanks for sharing your tip.



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